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    Disney Store Wishlist, August 2016 (US Edition)

    6 weeks today will be my first full day in Walt Disney World and I couldn’t be more excited. Less than 6 weeks to go until we fly so I’m starting to get my money in order. Everything that costs me money bar my Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party ticket has been purchased (although the money is sitting there for it, my date just keeps changing) so now I can start thinking about spending money, and in a months time I can order things to arrive at my hotel. How exciting. I already know I’ll be placing a Disney Store US order and a Hot Topic order along with a few Etsy orders. So for this months Disney Store Wishlist, I’ve put together my wishlist for the US Disney Store! A lot of the items are available in parks so if I don’t order them before I arrive I’ll hopefully buy while i’m there. Why does the States get such cute stuff? I know they feel they same about far east parks though (and I probably do agree!) but I am so thankful that every now and then I get to stock up on pretty jewellery, art work and other things from Disney Parks.

    Anyway, before I let my excitement take over too much, here is my US Disney Store wishlist!

    Disney Store Wishlist August 2016 (US Edition)


    I could have added more, especially for Little Miss but she’ll have her own dollars to spend so I feel like anything she really wants she can get for herself. However, I want to get her a Mary Blair Peter Pan print for her room when it finally becomes Peter Pan themed, and an Alice in Wonderland one for myself. I love Mary Blair’s art style, it’s so cute. They’re $40 each before sales tax so it’ll definitely have to be a treat for both of us, if I have money at the end of the trip. I also wanted to get her a Shellie May bag, she’s wanted a Shellie May plush for so long and I think this could be the trip, but she will be buying her with her her own money so I thought as a nice arrival gift from me I’d get her the bag. She’s really into accessioning at the moment. However since it’s a Aulani exclusive I’ll have to order it online.

    Got to pick up some new clothes while out there, usually it’s so much cheaper but with the exchange rate it doesn’t seem to be the case any more. However I have fallen in love with this R2 D2 dress by Her Universe, I love the style and colours so I hope I can get it in my size! And look, they make a child’s R2 D2 dress too! Such a shame they don’t do BB-8 but I think LM would like this one anyway. I also love this Alice in Wonderland t-shirt, it reminds me of those ones from 90s tv shows in the style, and I love the colour.

    I always try and pick up some bits for the house to Disneyfy it a little more. I already have a pillow from my first trip but Little Miss has claimed it for her room when we re-theme it as it’s Peter Pan related so I’d love to get a new one for my sofa and my favourite is the Once Upon a Time cushion. For what they are they’re so cheap at $27! I’ve also been holding out despite my current ones being ready for the bin as I’d love some Magic Kingdom tea towels for my kitchen.

    Finally my favourite, collectables. Or what I fondly refer to as “what I spend all my money on while at Disney (aside from Starbucks)” haha. I currently have two Alex and Ani bangles and they’re basically all the jewellery I wear these days so I’d like a couple more to add to my stack. I love the Tink “Think Happy Thoughts” bangle as it’s a good life mantra for someone with PTSD and anxiety. I also feel I need a Star Wars Alex and Ani, and if I can’t have the BB-8 one this Rebel Alliance bangle will do. The last three times I’ve visited WDW I’ve admired this Aurora Disney Tradition, mainly because she’s in her blue dress but I also love the image of Walt and Mickey walking hand in hand on her dress. I really hope I have the money for her. Little Miss and I have just started collecting pins, but aside from ones of Wendy, the only ones I want are the nesting dolls set which is why I think I may just treat myself to a pack of five!

    I’ve added all of this to my basket and it comes to an insane amount, so I guess I won’t be getting everything, but I can wish, right?

    What are you currently lusting after? Disney or not!

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