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    I have always been a food lover and thankfully because of my husband’s job, which manages big Events across the world, we have gotten to travel a lot . There are still incredible amount of foods our taste buds have yet to experience. But being one heck of a foodie and a food blogger, here I have tried picking a few must-try dishes, with the most trendy ingredients and edible oddities that every cultivated foodies must seek out.

    Sea food is favorite for many and a dish made out of lobster turns out be the best. One of life’s little luxuries, lobster is pretty expensive. Lobster meat is something your tongue will adore when prepared well. It’s soft and juicy with a hint of sweetness.


    Camembert is a soft, creamy, surface-ripened cow’s milk cheese. Ideally served baked, but you can eat it chilled, smear it on sweet crackers, or even melt it for a good macaroni cheese dish. The taste is sweeter than most other cheeses.

    An online chatroom friend of mine, Emily, who I met at GameVillage, she is an amazing food and on my visit to Washington she invited us over for a lovely gooey baked Camembert, which she served with crusty toasts for dipping. It was the best I have ever had!

    Don’t be intimidated by it’s appearance. The meat makes for a delicate dish when slow-braised or served in a Mediterranean-style salad. Their tentacles grilled tastes the best. Served with salad also Octopus meat is delicious!

    My husband has a sweet tooth and I end up going to a lot of confectioner because of this fetish of his. So Dorayaki is a type sweet dish, from Japanese origin, а red-bean pancake. It is sweet, with a sponge-like texture that doesn’t disappoint. And it comes wrapped around a filling of sweet Azuki red bean paste which is really really yummy.

    Barbecue Ribs
    Ham or bacon ribs chops, often cooked as a slab which are served with various barbecue sauces. If you are a meat lover, then ribs is something your taste buds would never stop craving for, when prepared well. Must try!

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