Fashion Content // Athleisure: Getting The Sports-Luxe Look*

    I always swore when I became a parent I wouldn’t change my fashion ways. I’d stick to my tulle skirts, peter pan collars and lace, and don’t get me wrong, I did.. until the school ran began. Now when I drag my butt out of bed at 7:30 and leave the house by 8:30, getting myself all dressed up is the last thing on my mind.. so here I am firmly in the mummy in leggings category, yep, I’m slummy. HOWEVER, there is finally a trend that puts comfort first. Now stepping out in trainers, leggings and loose fit tees is a real live look and it’s all in the name of athleisure!

    Okay, okay—maybe I’m getting carried away. It’s not like I can crawl out of bed, throw on our trackies and expect to look like a supermodel, because those girls work it on the run way. While the basics of this look are comfort classics, there is still a littl bit of effort you need to put in. And today I’m explaining the basics of athleisure to take your look from slob to sass. Because as a mum of a 5 year old girl, I need all the sass I can get!

    Athleisure Essentials
    First things first, you need to put together your athleisure staple wardrobe.

    Bomber Jacket
    These were huge in 2016, but I actually have a leather jacket I picked up back in 2014 and it’s perfect for throwing on over anything. It can be dressed up and down, and even looks great with a baggy t-shirt and leggings. If you want a more feminine look go for a pastel shade.

    Leggings or Joggers
    And I’m not talking your old gymwear here! Invest in a pair of branded leggings or jogging bottoms that are tapered and cuffed for a close fit. This will give you that lux look.

    Sports Top
    I tend to go for the more baggy t-shirt look, Topshop has some nice ones. But if you’re proud of your figure show it off! Go for a crop top and hoody, these look great paired with a pair of leggings and can really show off your figure while still keeping yourself comfortable.

    Late for the school run? There is nothing more satisfying than slipping on a comfy pair of trainers for that mad dash to the school gates, but who said they have to look slummy? Ash trainers are the perfect choice, plenty of styles to suit everyone’s taste so you all can take on Athleisure!

    Other Things to Remember
    The great thing about Athleisure is it’s versatility. You can go for the full sports lux look or you can mix it with your normal clothes such as a floaty dress with some trainers, or leggings with a smart top. You make it work for you. There are a few other key points to Athleisure for you to remember;

    Sports wear can be quite plain which is probably why it’s perfect to work out in, but to transition from the gym to every day accessorise and make your outfit pop. How about an oversized clutch or think 90s throw back and those gold hoops!

    Wear a Coat
    One of the easiest way to take this look from the gym to the street is throw on a coat. I’m not talking about that bomber jacket. Why not try it with a denim jacket (this looks cute, it’s my standard look when it’s too warm for the leather jacket) or even a duster coat if you can pull them off.

    Cover Your Bum
    If the thought of wearing leggings fill you with dread for fear of those underwear lines, tie a checked or denim shirt around your waist. I personally love this look, not just on me but on Little Miss too!

    The days of slummy mummy have gone, long live the Athleisure look!


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