Mother’s Day 2017

    Today in the UK is Mothering Sunday. It changes each year depending on when Easter falls (which I know is different to the US) sometimes it even falls on my birthday!

    This is my 6th Mother’s Day as a parent and my mum’s 29th as a parent (as I was born a day after Mother’s day oops). I do love being a mum and sharing the day with my own mum, it feels great to get the family together and this year we all went out for lunch before heading back to my parents. Being a single mother means I don’t get a lie in, I don’t get breakfast in bed and I still need to parent without a break. But who cares? I love spending the day with Little Miss and I’ve been lucky enough to get a lot of cuddles and kisses from her which is all I need!

    As I don’t want to spend ages on my laptop tonight and I just want to share a few photos from the day before I retire to the bath with the mini bottle of prosecco I received to watch more How I Met Your Mother.

    We went to a local restaurant for Sunday lunch and I probably had the best roast beef dinner of my life. It came with two slices of beef, mash, roast potatoes, a Yorkshire pud, crispy parsnips, gravy, broccoli and cabbage (my two favourite vegetables!) I ate the lot. Normally I can never finish a meal but I’m not even exaggerating when I say it was the best Sunday lunch I’ve ever had. Even though I ate the lot I still managed to have a strawberry creme brulee for dessert. Little Miss had chicken nuggets and chips and ice cream for dessert which she seemed to enjoy.

    My mum arranged the gifts for both my sister and I with the kids writing the labels and helping with the wrapping/ I got the screen play of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, something I had did have on my Christmas list last year along with a mini bottle of prosecco. I bought my mother a new notebook and Pete’s Dragon (the live action 2016 version) as my mum enjoyed it so much at Christmas when I lent her my copy and some chocolates from Little Miss.

    As ever, I was just honoured to spend the day with loved ones, especially Little Miss. She is the sun when my skies are grey, the moon in the darkness. She truly is the light of my life and even if I had nothing else, having her would mean I had everything.

    I hope you’ve all had a great Mother’s Day and have enjoyed celebrating being a mother, having a mother or having someone like a mother in your life.

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