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    For a long time, carpets reigned supreme when it came to choosing a flooring for your home. Some people carpeted every room in their home, I remember at one point my mum had carpet in the bathroom (gross, I know) and my aunt had carpet in the kitchen! But over the last 10 years, wooden flooring has been growing in popularity, from untreated wood slats, highly polished floors and for those with more modest budgets, lino that looks like wooden flooring. It started in the kitchen but has now spread throughout the house, every single room has a wooden floor. There are any benefits to this from a easy to keep it clean, and of course it is amazing for flatlays which is why it’s so popular with bloggers and influencers, but the one thing I really dislike is how cold it can be under foot, especially in Winter. Unless your budget allows to complete kit your home out in underfloor heating, you are going to swing your legs out of bed in the morning and touch down onto cold wood.. unless of course, you invest in some rugs.

    Although a lot of people (my self included) favour rugs even on top of carpet, they really have become the best friend of those with wooden floors. From huge rugs in the centre of the lounge, to colourful rugs in the playroom and for me the most important place to have a rug, at the side of the bed for first thing in the morning. There are all kinds of rugs and I don’t mean just the colour. You have the shag type, the shape and texture. It can be a bit of a mine field when trying to pick a new rug for a particular floor, which is where Land of Rugs come in with their fabulous infographic to help you make a decision.

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