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    Little Miss Meets at Disney – B

    I got some really lovely feedback from my first Little Miss Meets at Disney post. I know seeing kids meet characters at Disney isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of my readership do “adults only” trips to Disney so seeing a little kid meet characters or character meets in general doesn’t interest them which is probably why I put off doing this post but having positive feedback on a new series is always great.

    This week I’m sharing the characters we have met beginning with the letter B. This is Baloo, Baymax, Belle, The Beast and Buzz and brings us up to our running total of 12 characters. I reiterate that these are characters we’ve met at either Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney World or both and i’ll try and give you an idea where you can see them for yourselves along with a little bit about our own meets.

    Cocktails in Teacups Disney Life Travel Parenting Blog Little Miss Meets at Disney Baloo

    Baloo from The Jungle Book, Walt Disney World April 2015
    We’ve only met Baloo once and that was on our very first trip to Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World. It’s not because LM doesn’t enjoy meeting him, in fact she loved it and she loves seeing him in Disney Magic on Parade and during Move It Shake It, it’s just the queue is always long and I find Animal Kingdom a very hot park to queue in. He meets with King Louie there and LM had a lot of fun. In fact she crashed someone else’s meet initially in desperation to hug Baloo as he’s her Grandad’s favourite. She was really tiny at the time and just getting into character meets and despite the size she wasn’t intimidated at all by him, probably to do with the fact he was so loving. When we get back we’ll be making sure to pay him a visit.

    Baloo and friends (so either Baloo or King Louie, or both if you’re really lucky) is a specific meet at Disneyland Paris, it’s marked on the app, we’ve only met King Louie at the spot so far.

    Cocktails in Teacups Disney Life Travel Pareting Blog Little Miss Meets at Disney - B Baymax

    Baymax from Big Hero 6, Walt Disney World March 2016
    The first time we met Baymax he was with Hiro in Hollywood Studios and it was one of my favourite meetings to date. But then they were gone and when Baymax returned he was on his own at Epcot. This was an absolute travesty as I find Baymax is hard for Little Miss to interact with as once she moves in for a hug he can’t really see her! Hiro was a great bridge and we miss him so much. LM dressed as Honey Lemon back in March to go meet Baymax and he was so happy to see her. He gave her a fist bump which pretty much made her day. The set up is great but I do still miss Hiro.

    Baymax doesn’t meet at Disneyland Paris. He’s in Future World at Epcot in a designated meet spot next to Joy & Sadness. He’s there from open until close so there is plenty of time to catch him even if it’s a long queue.

    Cocktails in Teacups Disney Life Travel Parenting Blog Little Miss Meets at Disney Beast

    The Beast from Beauty and the Beast, Walt Disney World April 2016
    The Beast is a special meet at the end of your dinner service meal at Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom. Although we’ve done this meal twice, we’ve only met The Beast once as the second time LM was sleeping and needed to be carried out. However, when we first went to WDW she was more than happy to meet the Beast despite only being 3 years old. I don’t have many photos as LM happened to be at an unfortunate height so her head was badly placed when she hugged him (you can kinda see above) OOPS! Since our last visit Beast now has an updated look and I’m really excited to see it when we go back. There isn’t anywhere else you can meet him at Walt Disney World, however he sometimes appears in his rare prince form in Disneyland Paris at Auberge de Cendrillon.

    Cocktails in Teacups Disney Life Travel Parenting Blog Little Miss Meets at Disney Belle

    Cocktails in Teacups Disney Life Travel Parenting Blog Little Miss Meets at Disney Belle 2

    Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Walt Disney World March 2016 & October 2016
    Until the last few months Belle was never a princess Little Miss was that interested in so we never wet out of our way for a meet and greet. However we’ve met her three times at Akershus and Little Miss has taken part in Enchanted Tales with Belle on a number of occasions including playing the role of the Beast (the role of the Beast gets to dance with Belle as part of the show). Little Miss has played this role on every one of our four trips, twice back in March. She loves the extra time you get with Belle. Usually it’s given to the child that roars the loudest in the casting area but occasionally an adult will get the role if none of the children are up for it. You can still have your photo with Belle at the end of the show regardless of whether or not you took part. Belle is fairly easy to meet at Walt Disney World. She greets at Akershus so you get a photopass photo with her, then she also meets in her blue village dress in France at Epcot as well as being part of Enchanted Tales with Belle which you can FP and it’s one of my top picks for a day at Magic Kingdom.

    She’s slightly harder to meet at Disneyland Paris, although it’s not impossible. She’s usually in Auberge de Cendrillon once or twice a week and every now and then she’ll be at the Princess Pavilion. If you’re really lucky she’ll be out and about in the park or at the Disneyland Hotel lobby.

    Cocktails in Teacups Disney Life Travel Parenting Blog Little Miss Meets at Disney Buzz

    Buzz from Toy Story, Disneyland Paris October 2015
    One of my all time favourite meets at Disneyland Paris was with Buzz Lightyear in October 2015. Little Miss was dressed as Woody which he adored and it made for some great interaction. Buzz is such a charmer and at the end of her turn, he took her hand and made his way out of the meet area walking towards Toy Story playland. She loved it. Buzz meets alternatively with Woody in Disney Studios between Crush Coaster and the Cars Rally Ride. He’s there pretty much every day and you can see the times on the Disneyland Paris app.

    Buzz meets in two different places in Walt Disney World. On his own in Magic Kingdom in Tomorrowland. He’s near his ride and Carousel of Progress. He also meets in Hollywood Studios with Woody. The line in Hollywood Studios is always insanely long so make sure you go in the morning!

    Come back next week to hear about meets with Captain Hook, Chewbacca, Chip, Cinderella and Cruella De Vil!
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