#4 Herman the German Day Four

On day four Herman is hungry!

As of yet, I haven’t killed the Herman cake mix! He’s still happily bubbling away. Whenever my sister comes to visit the first thing she does is lift the towel and check on him (she’s dreading day nine when I plan to pass some onto her, she struggles to cook a frozen pizza let alone look after a cake for 10 days then bake it!) He has our kitchen smelling of yeast and sometimes in the morning this turns my stomach! Never mind, I’m looking forward to eating him in another six days.

He has been pretty uninteresting the previous two days, just rising slightly but that goes when I have to stir it.

Day Two & Day Three

I’ve decided on making him into an apple, white chocolate and cinnamon cake, I know I’m going to have to be careful with the apples though adding extra liquid to the mix. I’m still doing some research into that. I’ll update again on day ten (if he makes it obviously).

Day Four
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