#11 High Ho High Ho, it’s back to work I go!

Sorry for the brief hiatus. My parent’s internet went off for what felt like a life time while they were switching server providers. However I’m back and I have a list of blog posts as long as my arm! For now, as I have so much stuff to do tonight, here is a short one.

About a month ago now, my maternity leave finally came to an end and even though I’m currently living with my parents rent free, I don’t always want to be here. By getting myself a job I would be able to save to eventually move out and regain my independence.. something I miss dearly. I left home at eighteen, almost six years ago to the month after I had to return so it has been a trial for everyone.

I checked online but there was no jobs that would be suitable for me. I needed something only sixteen hours a week that was flexible (I don’t want my daughter in child care yet so I needed shifts that work around having people to look after her) and somewhere that wouldn’t fire me if I had to change shifts or take the odd day off due to her ill health as well as my own (like to today for example). I knew the only thing to do was type up a universal cover letter, update my CV and start padding the streets in search of a job.

I’m lucky that here there are quite a few pubs, restaurants and cafes and I happen to have an abundance of skills suited to the customer service in the food and beverage industry so those are the places I targeted. October happens to be a bad time for trade here, it’s just after the holiday camp closes and right before Christmas so few places are looking for staff but luckily less than a day later I was lucky enough to have a phone call offering me an interview. That went well, and was followed by a couple of trial shifts that needless to say I aced. I gratefully took the job, even though I’d since had two more calls offering me trial shifts.

First shift! (Yes I am aware you can see the string on my top, I wasn’t at the time.) Fail on me.
I feel really lucky to be working there. The food smells and looks AMAZING (I’ve not been fortunate to try any yet), it has excellent Trip Advisor ratings and everyone is so nice. The best part of course is the working conditions. I have a staff handbook, job description AND a contract (which I was without at my last job, nightmare!). I also get paid weekly and straight into my bank which is a huge deal for me as I have a little one who depends on me and my income. 
However, I do find myself missing the people I worked with at my old job. The first summer and Christmas I was there, there was the best team I’d ever worked with. We had so much fun! The best banter, the best team work, the best out of work nights out. My ex hated the closeness I had with them, so as soon as I was on maternity leave he wanted me to cut all contact, he thought they were a bad influence. Of course, there is a happy ending.. I’ve recently managed to get back into contact with some of the people I was closest to and it feels GREAT rebuilding bridges. I’m hoping next time I’m down they’ll meet up for drinks with me (that’s a hint to any of them who reads this!) 
Kim, Della & I. Della now lives in Canada.
Cesar, Jonny & Fabia out for Thai
The Midget Mojito, created by Cesar.
Kaylee, Ciara, Jen & I, again on a night out.
Amy, Chloe & Alicia
We always had such a laugh, in and out of work. Most of them don’t work there any more, some do though so I haven’t included any photos of in work antics of them! 

As absolutely lovely everyone is at my new job, nearly all of them are older than me and don’t have children. So it doesn’t feel like they “get me”. It doesn’t help that I’m also pretty odd compared to nearly everyone in this town, so at the moment we just haven’t gelled. At my old job there was so much banter, I haven’t had any at work so far, but I often wonder if they even get my sense of humour. I’m also the “new girl”, how I wish this meant I looked like Zooey Deschanel, of course it doesn’t.. it just means I’m very privileged to have my job as they rarely ever hire.. in fact the last person hired was Easter! So I guess I’m lucky! I do hope I fit in better soon though, but then again I’ve never fitted in anywhere up here.
I’m mostly glad of the fact I’ve managed to get a job, it’s hard in the current climate but I’ve managed to walk into a really good one (and someone tried to poach me for a new job, already haha). It’ll look great on my CV. Of course I’m glad of the money, I’m looking forward to the summer when I’ll be able to get my own place and hopefully have enough money for a trip away abroad as once I’m paying for somewhere on my own I doubt I’ll ever have money to get away again until I go back to work full time when my daughter starts school. 
And just so you know, I don’t want to be a waitress forever.. I have plans.. but I’ll save that for another entry when I don’t have to run after Madam because she’s decided to trash the lounge!
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