#12 The Friday Five 9/11/2012

Twitter has it’s #FF (coincidently, I’m @whatamydidnxt on twitter feel free to follow for random titbits from my life) so I’ve decided to have my own.. but instead of Friday Follows (or is it Follow Friday? Hmm..) I’m going to do ‘The Friday Five‘. The Friday Five is going to be five things, ranging from TV shows, beauty products, activities, events, books, movies to fashion, people, blogs.. anything basically that I have been enjoying this past week.

Without further ado, here are this week’s Friday Five!

1. Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroom

£2.95 in Lush

One of the things I miss the most about living in a small town is that I can’t just pop into town and treat myself to a bath bomb or bubble bar from Lush when I’m having a stressful day so when I go away shopping I have to stock up. Last weekend we all went away to Newcastle and I spent £18 on bubble bars and bombs that will hopefully tide me over until Christmas. I only manage to have about two baths a week (the rest are showers before work) so hopefully it’ll last.

Anyway, I’m rambling, again. My favourite lush bath item is the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroom! First off, it’s split into two which I love as I always split my baths and bombs to make them last longer. Secondly it smells delicious! It reminds me of the sun lotion we used to have when we went on holiday to Florida as kids. And finally it makes my skin SOO soft! I love shaving my legs when they’ve been soaked in this particular bubble bar as they’re so silky. It’s only £2.95 too which makes it one of the cheaper bubble bars!

2. The Paradise

Mr Moray in The Paradise, Tuesday 9pm BBC1
My mum watches every period and costume drama imaginable. Normally I don’t get into them but there was something about The Paradise that had me hooked from the first five minutes of the first episode. That something was more than likely Emun Elliott as Mr Moray. I am ashamed to admit, at twenty four I have my first teenage-like celebrity crush in YEARS! Oh he is DREAMY! I feel ridiculous but I cannot help it. I am so glad it’s been renewed for a second series because I couldn’t cope knowing it was a one off. But he’s not the only reason I watch it, the whole cast is great as well as the story! My mum says the reason I love it so is I identify with Denise, and to be honest she’s right, and not just because Denise is so in love with Moray but because she’s a small town girl who wants more.. just like me. 
I had to work last Tuesday and I’m so addicted that as soon as I came in from work I watched in on Sky Plus before going to bed.

3. Dairy Milk Oreo 

£1 at Tesco

I’ve been searching high and low for this, and on our weekly shopping trip to Tesco I found it! It was delicious! When I first broke up with my ex I could go through a bar this size a day.. however I could only manage half the bar one night and the other half the next, which actually made me feel pretty damn happy! 

4. MAC Glamour Daze Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Stolen Moments

Stolen Moments Top Right, along with my other MAC purchases

I bought MAC’s Stolen Moments eyeshadow on a whim last week when I was in Newcastle. I wanted a smoky colour that wasn’t as dark as my Cinderfella shadow that would be suitable for work. I had the buggy with me so I couldn’t get around the counter to the regular eyeshadows so I only had the new Christmas shadows within reach to try. This colour seemed to be what I was looking for but I didn’t realise how much so until I tried it on!

This is it worn alone, gorgeous coverage.

 It is amazing for smoky eyes and with it’s silky texture it is perfect for blending with other colours. It’s slightly steep at £16.50 but I’m so impressed I’m hoping to invest in Evening Grey as well!

5. Christmas Inspired Clothing

Primark Cardigan £14
Topshop High Waist Denim Skater Skirt £20

Hurray! It’s that time of year again when it’s perfectly acceptable to don your penguin and reindeer sweaters, your funky fair isle and santa socks. I have this week invested in a pair of Christmas fair isle leggings for Olivia with a matching “Hap-Pea Christmas” top both from Next and for myself my dad kindly bought me this wonderful reindeer fair isle cardigan, a bargain £14 from Primark. I’ve been after one that isn’t in your face Christmas for a while so I can carry on wearing it into the spring and this one is lovely. It’s also a great colour that fits perfectly with my autumn/winter wardrobe.

So that’s that, what are your five most coveted things of the week?

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