#13 An Urban Outfitters Letter to Santa

I have always been a sucker for Urban Outfitter’s quirkyness, despite the fact that I do sometimes find it expensive for what you get. However some of the gifts they have for Christmas, I suddenly simply NEED! This Christmas I’m getting very little as now I have a daughter everyone is buying for her instead (understandably of course), however if I could be brought anything by dear old Santa Claus, here are a few bits I’d be asking for (I apologise in advance that most of this is bits and pieces for the home!)

Alice in Wonderland Tea for One £45
Anyone who knows me personally will know I have been a huge fan of all things Alice since I was a wee child so I was instantly drawn to this (they also do a Milk Maid, an Indian Girl & Snow White). Come the summer I’ll be moving in my first home on my own (without a boyfriend or housemates) and I’m looking forward to making it completely “me” and this is me! 
Letter Mug £9
Again, because I’m having my own place I want to add my own personal touch, hence these letter mugs. I’d have an A for Amy of course, then an O for the other occupant of the house, my daughter Olivia.
Paris Wall Calendar £9.99
Since having my daughter my memory is RUBBISH and I always lose my diary so a wall calendar is a must for me. I’m sure in a past life I was French, in particular living in Paris during the Jazz age so obviously I was drawn to this particular calendar. I still may buy this for myself especially since it’s currently free delivery!
World Traveller Clock £75
This is my dream clock! Not many people would ask for a clock for Christmas but if I thought I could get away with being bought a clock for £75 this would be the one I’d ask for! I have always loved the idea of having a clock that showed different times around the world especially as I have friends living in different time zones. I’m sure I could pick up one cheaper but there is no denying that the design of this one is awesome!
Owl Chalk Board £12
Anyone who’s been to Disney World should know all about the ‘Hidden Mickeys’ well when I get my own place I plan on having ‘Hidden Owls’ and this chalk board would be awesome for the kitchen to keep note of what I’ve run out of! I plan on buying random owl items, placing them around the house then setting people the task of finding them all. How I amuse myself. For as long as I remember I’ve had a thing about owls.. owls and unicorns. I have a LOT of random owl things and it’s rubbed off on Olivia, especially since her name begins with a O.. people seem to automatically by her owl clothes or toys. Not that I mind.. in fact I like it.
The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland & The Secret Garden Typography Prints £40-£45 each
I love typography wall art. I think it’s different and interesting. The only thing I love more than typography wall art.. is typography wall art depicting my favourite childhood novels! Sadly for me one of these, let alone all three are completely out of my price range!
Dino Jumper £45
I’m not a huge fan of motif jumpers but this one is adorable AND it has a fair isle pattern on it which I think is a must for my wardrobe in the winter. 
Pins & Needles Textured Skater Skirt £32

Finally! This skater skirt, in bottle green however it does come in red and black as well but I’ve always been a sucker for bottle green (I used to wish my primary school uniform was green not blue, I was a weird child). I tried it on in the Newcastle Urban Outfitters but I just couldn’t afford it.

Does anyone else make up dream Christmas wish lists? What’s on everyone’s actually Christmas list? Anything from Urban Outfitters?

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