#15 The Friday Five 16/11/12

I apologise now for the fact a lot of the photographs I’ve taken myself are from phone but I have seemed to have misplaced by camera this week. I also apologise for the fact that there are no beauty products this week, this is because I haven’t really tried anything new that’s worth mentioning! It would of probably been ‘They’re Real!’ but I already wrote my review here!

Anyway, here are this weeks Friday Five.

1. Celebrity Reality TV

I’m not usually a fan of any celebrity stuff or reality TV and if I wasn’t back at home living with my parents I would never of watched I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. However I loathe to admit how much I’m enjoying it (minus Helen Flanagan, in fact I’d quite like to punch her face). I love Colin Baker, I’m constantly saying “awwl bless him” he reminds me of my grandpa! Hugo is always crying, I just wanna hug him and I hate how the stupid MP woman always picks on him… and David Hayes is just cool! The rest I’m not at all fussed about.. It’s funny though and passes an hour in the evening.

I’m also enjoying Strictly Come Dancing.. but that is only because I have the hots for Louis Smith. I’m enjoying seeing him dance as much as I enjoyed him on the pummel horse during the Olympics.

2. New Look Shoes

I apologise for how well worn the brogues are already!

I really struggle getting nice shoes, especially pumps to fit me because I’m a small size 3 (okay I’m a 2.5 but don’t tell anyone). By nice I mean affordable and nice. Any of the shops in the Arcadia group are always massive and I can only buy them if they have laces. But then there is New Look which is lucky for me because New Look is one of the very few shops we have in my home town!

I purchased the black brogues as my work shoes for £14.99 and from the first shift I wore them on I never had any problems, they were pure comfort! I have since purchased a second pair for when these are completely destroyed (as what usually happens with my work shoes!). The black studded slippers were a payday purchase this week. They are the first pumps without the elastic inside that I’ve had in YEARS! So pleased! They were £17.99 originally but had 25% off so were about £13.50! Bargain.

3. Christmas Shopping Offers

I have most of Christmas shopping has been down now thanks to wonderful shopping incentives! On Thursday Boots had their usual ‘spend such and such and get so many extra points’ on. This year it was spend £50 and get £12 worth of points, and I had a voucher for an extra £5 worth of points. What an incentive! I’ve not got enough to buy myself a new bottle of perfume.

Also this week, as depicted above, Debenhams had 25% off Clothes, Home & Gifts and 10% off Beauty. Urban Outfitters have had free delivery so I did buy some gifts (nothing for myself from my wish list though, boo!) And of course Tesco had their double up on clubcard points, I had £10 so I managed to get £20 which I spent on sleepsuits for Olivia!

I recommend to everyone to check Vouchers Codes & My Voucher Codes when doing their Christmas shopping, it has helped me as a single mother so so much!

4. Velvet! 

Oxblood Skater Skirt £28 Topshop // Navy Velvet Skater Dress £16.99 New Look
Kimchi Blue Velvet Dress £48 Urban Outfitters
I don’t know if it’s the fast approaching festive season or what but I suddenly feel I need some velvet in my life again. PB (pre baby) I had two bodycon velvet dresses (both in tiny size 8s!) that I ADORED! I felt so sexy in them for the first time in my whole life and maybe the Urban Outfitters dress lust is purely because I’m desperate to get back into that mind set, but I do think it looks gorgeous and part of me is so tempted to order it, especially with the current 20% party wear.. Of course if I chicken out (huge possibility) I can always treat myself to the skater dress from New Look! 
5.  John Lewis Christmas Advert
I know everyone gets hyped up by the Coca Cola Christmas advert but for me it’s not Christmas until I see the new John Lewis advert. I’m sure all the Brits remember last years advert with the little boy set to The Smiths “Please Let Me Get What I Want” (the version however is sung by Slow Moving Millie) my nephew you was only mere months old but when I watched it I had a lump in my throat.. this year however John Lewis has moved me to tears! It’s pure genius and so sweet, a love story of two snowmen (well one is a snowwoman) me and my mum had tears running down our cheeks the first time we watched it and like last year it leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. 
What does everyone else need to happen before they feel like the festive season is upon us?
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