#18 The Friday Five 23/11/12

I’ve just basically downed a couple of bottles of cider while helping my mum wrap my sister and nephew’s Christmas presents so I’m probably not in any mentality to write this with eloquent flair but I see no point in doing my Friday Five on any day other than Friday.

So without further ado, my Friday Five.

1. Bargain Books

Last week after I’d finished work I headed up into town to be picked up by my parents and since I was early I had a browse on a book stall that is often under the Town Hall. The gentleman who runs it informed that it was SIX books for a FIVER. Of course I couldn’t pass up. He’d put half the books away as it was getting late but as I was paying he informed me that it would be a same offer again this week. Of course, tomorrow I’ll be there with bells on!

Has anyone read any of the ones I picked? Any more to recommend I look out for tomorrow?

2. Out to Lunch

Marks & Spencers Toasties (for Liv & I), Chicken Wrap & Cupcake at the Garden Centre

I love going out for lunch or dinner… or even breakfast.. and I’ve done all three over the past two weeks. I had lunch out twice last week, then I had dinner on Saturday night with my dad’s side of the family. I didn’t take my camera and it was too dim to take a good photo with my phone. But I had the Camembert to start, followed by the haddock and finished with a Baileys coffee. I’ve had nice meals but it was good to get out with my family. I also drank way too much, gin and tonic & wine do not mix! Monday my dad took us for Mcdonalds breakfast then today I took Olivia out to Cafe Nero, we shared a toastie & some wafer biscuits. I do love going out with my wee lass, she is such a good eater for only ten months old.

3. Boots Advantage Points

I managed to save £60 on my Boots Card (I get TEN points per £1 for baby stuff haha) and by doing Christmas shopping (spent £50 get £12.. then I have vouchers for extra points) so since I’m pretty much finished now, I decided to treat myself. I went with Marc Jacobs Lola perfume (because I have Daisy and I’m getting Dot for Christmas) and some Benefit It’s Potent eye cream. AND I got a free sample of That Gal which will keep me going until I get The Porefessional for Christmas. I am SO pleased with my purchases.

The whole Boots point scheme is very like the Tesco one where you get a certain amount of points each time you shop. The greatest thing about them though is you can just spend them as you please.. I know in the past I’ve bought sandwiches, deodorant, hair dye etc when I’ve been low on cash. You don’t have to wait until they come through in vouchers like in Tesco.

4. Nivea Face Wipes

Currently 2 for £4 in Boots with other Nivea cosmetics

 Usually I only buy cheap face wipes because then you know they’re basically just water on paper which is good for my really sensitive skin. However THESE were on offer in Boots (and Naomi had posted about them on her blog) so I thought i’d give them a try. They smell delicious and take my make off better than any wipes I’ve used so far!

5. Blog Give Aways 

Here it is currently living on my bed with my Love cushion, Hetty the Owl & Eddy Bear

I won THIS in my first ever Blog Give Away last week and I received my prize today! I have to admit I was completely over the moon! It’s all thanks to Laura over at A Daisy Chain Dream. I think I’m so overjoyed because firstly I’ve never won anything in my whole life! And secondly, when I had to quickly leave my last home quickly I didn’t get to take my sofa cushions with me (and they were lovely ones from BHS too, boo hoo). This is a GORGEOUS Pip Studio Cushion on Amara (to say thank you I’m going to do a blog post on it tomorrow) it appeals to me because of it’s colouring and the fact it has BIRDS and BIRD CAGES on it!

Anyway, I totally recommend people to enter blog give aways, you just never know when you’ll be lucky! It’s really renewed my hope in online competitions.

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