#19 Body Shop’s Ginger Sparkle Collection Review

Ginger Sparkle Collection Tin £15
My mum runs her own pre-school, so to raise funds at Christmas they hold a Body Shop party. I feel I should do my bit by buying something so after browsing the catalogue and picking something for Christmas I decided I’d treat myself to this. I’m always drawn to anything gingerbread smelling at Christmas, and this included the two things I like from the Body Shop.. shower gel and of course their amazing body butter and hey it was only £15!
It includes 
The first thing I tried out was the body scrub and wow it was awesome. I’ve never tried any of The Body Shop’s scrubs because as a rule it’s not something I use due to having such sensitive skin. Anyway, I rubbed this on my hand and it made my skin so silky smooth that I’ve been using it in the shower ever since! The body butter is just like any body butters from The Body Shop, great for all over body moisturising. And well the shower gel is after all just a shower gel, but a nice smelling shower gel. I did give my mum the soap for the bathroom as I just don’t have a use for a soap.
It’s also great value for money, same price buying individually as together in a gift pack which is rare! The shower gel is full size and retails for £4, the body butter is the travel size which retails for £5 for 50ml (in other flavours), the soap retails for £2  & the body scrub is £10 for 200ml.. but since it’s only 75ml I’d say it’s about £4. AND you get the best tin ever for storing biscuits in.. which is what I plan to do with it!
My only criticism is that it doesn’t smell at ALL like gingerbread.. (not like the N-Spa one that is now discontinued, boo hoo hoo). It’s got a more fruity smell but it’s still nice non the less. It turns out it’s supposed to smell more like ACTUAL ginger which I guess it does… I’d still rather have gingerbread though because that appeals to my sweet tooth!

This is inside my tin, before I heaved everything out to make it ready for cookies!
At the moment Body Shop are doing a £10 off £30 with the code NEW30! I’d seriously check it out if you need some more ideas, the Christmas gifts are presented so nicely they’re sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! 
Anyone have any more codes for The Body Shop? They always seem to have a new one that works (my mum often uses them to order herself new make up!)
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