#23 The Friday Five 07/12/12

I was so busy last Friday with work and preparing for going away that I just didn’t have time to blog. I’m working tonight so I’m quickly doing my Friday Five before I go. I hate working nights when the weather is awful! Least it’s not cold tonight, just rainy.

Anyway, before I ramble on any more this weeks Friday Five.

1. Wool Tights
Winter automatically means wool tights for me especially since the only trousers I own are leggings (and even those I usually team with skirts and dresses). I bought some from Primark originally but they were too big so I invested in some from H&M as they were on offer. I usually spend about £20 a year on a few different coloured pairs. This year I have some mustard ones from Topshop and black, red, cream, grey and beige from H&M.
2. Tumblr
My tumblr is whatamydidnxt.tumblr.com
Before I started blogging again I was ALWAYS on Tumblr however recently I’ve been rejecting it. One of my besties made an account a few weeks back so I’ve found myself back on it again. What I love about Tumblr is the amount of random rubbish you can find on it. I also use it for fashion inspiration. It’s so easy to reblog from my iPhone too! 
3. Christmas Decorations 
Lights down Northumberland Street.
Last week I went away Christmas shopping with my daughter to Newcastle. We were supposed to be going to York to meet my bestie Kariss but it was during all that flooding so I never got to go. Anyway, both Olivia and I enjoyed the decorations in Newcastle (she especially enjoyed Fenwicks’ window). It’s so nice to see places beautifully decorated because my home town barely makes an effort (especially on the trees, they are disgusting this year) and it really puts me in a festive spirit! We also put our tree up last Friday and I think the house looks so much better beautifully decorated!
4. Whittards of Chelsea Christmas Hot Chocolate
Something that I must have every Christmas is the white praline hot chocolate from Whittards. I have been getting a tub every year for probably the past six years! It’s my favourite hot chocolate for miles (even if you have to make it with milk which I never usually do because it’s so fattening!) and nothing comes close. It’s just so deliciously decadent. It’s quite expensive at £4.50 but it was a treat and was on 342 so I ended up buying 3 tubs for £9. Yum.
5. Meeting Up With Friends
I’m the queen of unflattering photos
 Last Saturday was my weekend for meeting up with the girls, this time we were staying in Nottingham. It was again awesome but I think Jess & I got a wee bit too drunk (I blame the three blueberry mojitos in TGI Fridays.) I hate how we see each other so little, but I’m lucky that when we do see each other nothing has changed. I also cooked lunch for my lovely friend Donna on Monday. Again we don’t see each other often but when we do, we’re as good as friends as we were at 13. She’s six months pregnant so it’s good to have someone near me to have baby talk with!
And there we go. I have to go shower now for work, no doubt i’ll be late.. again.

Edit – I pressed save instead of publish.. doh!
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