#26 Beauty Awards 2012

Since I was working last Friday and I’m working this Friday I won’t have time to do my Friday Five so instead, tonight I’m giving you my Beauty Awards for 2012! Of course these are my own personal picks, not influenced by anyone, and they’re suited to my very sensitive skin. I have work at 10am in the morning, so without further ado, these are my favourite products from 2012! 
Best Over All Make Up Brand…. Benefit Cosmetics
This year I really got into Benefit.. in the past I’ve used a few of the products such as the Dandelion blusher, That Gal primer & Bad Gal mascara and eyeliner but nothing ever really dragged me away from MAC. However this year I purchased The Porefessional, Poise Tint & They’re Real mascara and well.. they’ve been amazing! I also tried Erase Paste which I’ve asked for from Santa this year. I’m now 100% a Benebabe and I plan on buying more and more of my essentials from this brand. 
Benefit is high end so a little bit pricey, but i’m used to paying more money due to my sensitive skin. In my opinion worth every penny.
In 2013 I’d really love to try Stay Don’t Stray primer & Magic Ink Eyeliner.

Best Over All Skincare Range… Nivea Visage Daily Essentials!

I have always used Nivea on and off over the years, but in 2012 they revamped their Daily Essentials range and I was drawn to the Dry & Sensitive products, I’m so pleased I wasn’t let down. The products I have tried (wipes, moisturiser & face wash) haven’t let me down and now I swear by the wipes. They don’t leave my skin red after i’ve scrubbed off my make up and the face wash leaves my face soft. Best part is nothing is over the £5 mark!

Best Haircare Range… James Brown London!

I have been using James Brown London products for a few years now and they still remain my favourite hair care range, nothing even comes close!
I’m naturally blonde so I dye my hair every six-eight weeks to keep the blonde roots at bay but my hair is in no way damaged. It’s still glossy and the longer it gets the better it lies. I swear by the Colour Enhance Shampoo & Conditioner. It’s specially designed for chemically treated hair and it honestly works a treat! What is even better is at least once a month it’s in offer in Boots.. be it 3 for £10.. 2 for £7… 342 so I managed to always have some on the go!
Best Hair Dye… L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss!
Like with James Brown Shampoo & Conditioner, rather than being something new I’ve tried this is something I swear by. As I previously mentioned, I’m a blonde and not so proud so I dye my hair and every time I do I go back to the same dye. Retailing at about £6ish, I go for L’Oreal’s Casting Creme Gloss in Iced Chocolate. It always leaves my hair with a beautiful shine and once the colour starts to fade slightly (this is a non permanent dye) my hair has a beautiful red tint. Also the condition that comes with it smells like jelly babies, always a plus!

Best Bath Product… Lush Bombs/Bubble Bars!

I couldn’t do a beauty awards without including Lush! I’m actually addicted to Lush bath bombs/bubble bars and I have been since I bought a Fairy Jasmine bathbomb when I was only sixteen and I traumatised my dad with all the glitter in the bath. I cannot take a bath without at least one or the other (or sometimes both) in which is why they get best bath product, no other product has that effect on me!

My favourite products are Yuzu & Cocoa and Butterball.. and used together is just amazing!

Best Shower Product… Body Shop Body Polishes!

Before having my daughter I rarely had a shower, I was a bath girl (yes I am aware that’s quite disgusting) and only really used the shower to wash my hair. Of course becoming a mother makes you really short of time and in the evening you’re just too tired to do anything other than sleep on the sofa.. so I became someone who showered daily.. (you have to or you’ll permanently smell like baby milk!) I only just discovered Body Shop’s Body Polishes when I bought a gift set to help my mum’s pre-school at a Body Shop party (see the review here) and now I’m addicted! Even more some now the Ginger Sparkle one is reduced to £5 on the website! Bargain!

Best Body Moisturiser… Body Shop Body Butters

This is another all time favourite, the Body Shop body butters. Every year the collection grows so by now it must have something for everyone! My all time favourite is the cocoa butter one which is so soothing on my eczema which I get during the summer on the back of my legs (it also works as a great aftersun!) They’re around the £15 for a big tub but they last for ages! I always buy two in the Christmas sales to last all year.

Best Lip Balm… Blistex Cherry Berry!

I bought Blistex’s Cherry Berry on a whim from Boots shortly after my daughter was born and my lips were ridiculously chapped from being dehydrated in hospital (the maternity ward was SO warm). It was only £2.39 which was great as we were so broke at the start of the year and it had the one vital ingredient cocoa butter. Anyway, since I’ve gone through loads as it’s the best lipbalm I’ve had since I was given a Burts Bees gift pack on the plane to New York but Burts Bees is £3.99 for a tiny tube. I currently have two on the go, one in my nappy bag and one in my hand bag as I always need lip balm! I would recommend this to anyone!

Best Perfume… Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Au So Fresh!

Daisy by Marc Jacobs has been my signature scent for a few years now so naturally when my parents went on holiday in the summer I asked them to bring me back a bottle from duty free.. they arrived with a 75ml bottle of Au So Fresh instead.. Initially I was disappointed but after a few days of using it I dubbed this my new favourite! I find it a lot lighter than Daisy with a fresher (hence the name) floral smell. I’m so glad it’s my biggest bottle of perfume (I have Lola, Daisy & Dot in smaller bottles) as it’s my go to for every day wear. I’m hoping in the sales I can get another bottle to tide me over to whenever my parents (or I) next venture abroad.

Best ‘Mummy’ Product… Mothercare It’s Your Body Stretch Mark Cream!

After ten months I have officially tried ALL the lotions and potions on the market for stretch marks. I’m lucky that I have very few.. five on my stomach and about three on each hip (that’s what comes from having a 5lbs 2oz baby, I guess) but they still make me self concious because of the fact I am single and hopefully will some day still find a partner. I used Mothercare’s own stretch mark cream and although like all creams it doesn’t rid you of them but it did make my skin very soft and smell delicious which is a plus. I’m hoping to go back to this in the new year to see if it can fade them.. I’ll keep you all updated and hopefully write a review. This one wins because it smells great and isn’t greasy, it also made me feel good which is vital for a new mum!

And that’s my favourite beauty picks from 2012? What are yours? Do you have any recommendations for products I should try in 2013?

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