#28 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

So did everyone have a wonderful festive season? I did, especially since it was my daughters first Christmas! I also had the worst Christmas of my life last year so this year I was hell bent on making this year better than ever and it was!

Here is a wee post about my Christmas. I’m not sure how many of my followers enjoy reading these sort of personal posts (and I apologies but there won’t be any photos of my daughter, as much as my ex makes my life miserable I respect his wishes to keep public domains free of photos of Olivia.)  But I’m doing one anyway (and will be doing a couple more over the next few days.)

Christmas eve was lovely. We had lots of visitors, I baked cookies for Santa Claus, helped prepare Christmas dinner, my sister and nephew were staying over so the kids had new matching pjs to wear, we hung their stockings and swept them off to bed for seven. Then my dad went to the pub so my mother, sister and I hit the wine and snacks. We also watched Ted (I have mixed feeling of this movie, anyone else feel this way too?) At about eleven, we played Santa Claus laying out everyone’s gifts before heading to bed. I had to share a bed with my sister for the first time in about ten years! 

My sister woke both Olivia and I at seven, my dad was already downstairs ready for one of our Christmas traditions of him calling upstairs claiming Santa hadn’t been. My mum had hopped in the shower and Jack was calling for some company in my parents room. Eventually we made it downstairs.

Jack & Olivia’s presents left by Santa
Gifts for my parents (the cat wanted in on the shot)
Gifts for my sister and I
No champagne flutes!
It took us almost three and a half hours to open all the gifts. When the kids were taking their early morning nap, the adults opened their gifts which was funny and we paused briefly for a breakfast of Bucks Fizz, cereal & toast which of course dragged it out. It was chaos but so much fun!
My wonderful gifts, truly spoilt again!
Bracelet with ‘O’ for Olivia from my sister, wee Gingerbread Man charm from my Nephew & Statue of Liberty from my parents!

I received some lovely gifts, Lush, a new hair dryer (FINALLY!), cookery books, some DVDs, Benefit make up, some bits and pieces for when I get my own house, A ONESIE WITH DUCKS ON among other things. Olivia received way too much to list but her favourites have been a picnic basket, tea set and a stroller walker. She got loads of books, chocolate and three Disney Princesses! Start them early in my opinion.

Oh yes, our table is set with Disney table cloth and napkins!
Christmas Dinner 2012

The highlight of the day was of course the dinner. We all agreed it was the best Christmas dinner ever. Three courses of absolute deliciousness! I made a starter of pears in parma ham with rocket & goats cheese salad, then the main event of Turkey with all the trimmings and for dessert we had these amazing Aldi chocolate bombs with salted caramel centre. This was washed down with a couple of bottles of cava. I was so stuffed I had to lie on the kitchen floor after it! I was so proud my little girl ate her fair share too, she loved it!

After Christmas dinner we watched Tangled while my dad took a nap. My sister and nephew headed home about five and I helped tidy up before Liv went to bed.

The evening was spent drinking more alcohol, eating cheese, crackers and turkey sandwiches while watching The Dark Knight Rises (which ended up being my favourite film of 2012!) When my parents headed to bed I stayed up and watched The Royal Family Christmas Special, followed by No Strings Attached and did some online sale shopping. What a way to end a great day! I hope everyone else had an enjoyable Christmas 2012 and were lucky enough to receive some great gifts like I was!

Of course Christmas isn’t about the gifts you receive, or even give (not to get all soppy and cheesy) but this year I was thankful to be with people who actually loved and cared about me. We had a good laugh, good food we all helped to make & good fun with my daughter and nephew. It made up two folds for how dreadful last Christmas was (which had nothing to do with being 8 months pregnant). Christmas 2013 has a lot to live up to!

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