#29 So Long, Farewell 2012

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Today is the final day of 2012, the year the world was supposed to come to an end but it didn’t. For me, like for many people I know, this has been both the best and worst year of my life and to be quite frank I’m glad to see the back of it.

Although I don’t believe a new year necessarily means all past problems are evaporated as the clock strike twelve (for me personally, 2013 is going to be a very tough year with more than likely, a custody battle on the horizon) but I do think a new year is a time for reflection and a great time to make some changes (see tomorrows post.)

I haven’t particularly enjoyed 2012 there were more lows than highs (controlling boyfriend with a bad break up, cutting my hair with kitchen scissors, leaving my beautiful home, living the city, moving back in with my parents, my uncle dying.. the list is huge) which is why I struggled to come up with a top ten moments of 2012 but I did manage five because these are five awesome events of the year.. especially number one!

5. Conquering my roller coaster fears at Thorpe Park

Back in July I went to Thorpe Park with a group of friends who are all quite into their roller coasters.. it was only two years ago I’d first rode a coaster and I hadn’t done since so I wasn’t sure how I’d fare.. however I did go on a few and I LOVED them! Fingers crossed for Florida 2013 with the girls because I’m a newbie ride junkie and I plan to go on everything!  One of my proudest moments was braving the SAW coaster, the first ride of the day.

4. Holiday to Cornwall

Porthleven, Cornwall

In June, we (Olivia and I) were invited to visit her grandmothers family down in Cornwall. It was always somewhere I wanted to visit so we accepted and took the 10 hour train journey. My daughter was five months old at the time and I took a weeks worth of belongs, myself and the pram down from Lincoln. We had a wonderful time despite the bad weather and I managed to cross ‘Lands End’ off my places to visit list. 

3. Getting a job straight out of maternity leave

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Another of my proudest moments of the year was the fact that I managed to get a job straight out of maternity leave. Because of moving 300 odd miles away from my last job I was unable to return to it after my leave was up, meaning I had to find a job in my home town.. I was warned this could be impossible given the current recession however having handed out my CV on one day I had a job within a week! After a shaky start I have started to enjoy my 16 hours a week, I love the ladies I work with, they’re easy to talk to and lots of fun, just what I needed! I’m also honored to work in one of the best hotel & restaurant in my hometown, four and a half out of five stars on Trip Advisor.

2. Building bridges with old friends

During my time with my ex, he methodically tried to cut me off from all my friends by spreading lies and refusing to allow me to have fun.. thankfully the best ones hadn’t given up on me and some of my best times this years have been with them… from murder mysteries to nights out in grungy rock clubs all over the country to even little things to social media messages and texts telling me to keep my chin up in tough times. I’m so thankful to all the people who have stuck by me and continue to stick by me through thick and think. Bring on good times in 2013!

1. Birth of my beautiful daughter, Olivia

I could give you a million and one best moments to do with my beautiful daughter from 2012.. her first smile, laugh, first time she rolled over or ate solids, the first time she sat alone, or started to crawl. The first time she called me “Mama” right up to her first steps with her walker… but hands down the best moment of 2012 (and no to get too soppy, but best moment of my life) was on the 28th January 2012 at 16:25 when Olivia Lucia May arrived weighing a small but perfect 5lbs 2oz.  It was extra special as I was told she was a boy so when she arrived it was the most wonderful surprise. I love her more every single day and will fight to my dying breath to make sure she stays with me. I’m a very lucky girl and she will be my first kiss at midnight (she gives excellent open mouth kisses on the nose these days haha). 
Now I’m off to enjoy some wine with my parents who have stayed in with me instead of going to a friends house party (bless them). All the best for 2013 everyone!
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