#32 Office Shoes Wishlist

Blowfish Shoe in Fawn //  Toms in Purple  // Office Feline Friend in Nude // Mel Boot in Navy // Vans in Blue // Office Flutter in Black

Over Christmas I was very lucky to win a £100 Office gift card with Toni & Guy on Twitter (of all places!) I haven’t even spent it yet because I’m still unsure what I want to treat myself to! I’m torn between one or two very expensive pairs or a few pairs in the sale.

The only thing I have decided on is a pair of infant Converse high tops for my daughter since I wouldn’t buy her a pair otherwise but at the same time I’m desperate to get her a pair. It’s also her birthday at the end of January. I’ve gone for red since she has a pair of pink shoes and a pair of purple shoes already.

Sadly, some of the shoes I’ve picked out are no longer in my size (especially if they’re in the sale) so they’re off the table. The pair I have definitely decided to go for is the Blowfish Heeled Shoe in Fawn, I love this style of heel and I have an old battered black pair similar from Dorothy Perkins. I also really like the Office heels in nude.. but I’m kind of drawn to the red pair too, I’m so torn. I also think the Toms might win out over the Vans as a casual pair.. just need to decide on a colour that is in my size!

Anyone else struggle when they actually have money to spend, but when they have none they can’t decide on anything?! 

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