#33 101 Things Update No.1

So despite 2013 getting off to a terrible start, I have been working hard on my 101 things to do in 1001 days which I started on January 1st and I thought I’d do a wee update on that tonight before I curl up in bed and watch As Told By Ginger on youtube. Yes, the joys of being a single mother and have nothing better going on in your life!

Italics is in progress. Strike through is completed.

13. Pay off credit card
This is one of the big ones I want to have completed within a few months. I don’t have too much on it but before I got a job and I was giving up my house I had no money and a lot of bills so everything just went on there. I got the ball rolling with this one by paying off a hefty amount last Friday.

14. Buy one thing for a future home a month
This month I bought a garlic press from Asda. Not a huge purchase but I’m having money difficulties at the moment so it had to be something small.. I’m using it already at my parents as they don’t have one.

15. Sell 10 things on eBay every month 
On Monday I spent the evening photographing and listing 10 items on ebay. I have decided that is enough a month with everything else I have going on and I want to make sure I can post them straight away. If by the end of the money some items haven’t been sold I will donate them to charity. This months 10 items can be found here.

20. See five movies at the cinema per year (1/15)

Last week I managed to get to the cinema with one of my besties to see Pitch Perfect. It was so fitting as we watched the trailer for this movie together so many times we knew all the lines. Luckily it 100% lived up to the hype and I recommend anyone who loves a good teen style comedy to go see it. I laughed out loud loads of times and although it has been labeled quite Glee-like, not being a fan of Glee I still found it very enjoyable!

37. Keep in touch with Bee
Saw her last week for the first time since September. Luckily it was like nothing had ever changed. It was wonderful and for the first time in months I felt completely stress free. We’ve kept solidly in touch ever since.


Tomorrow I start numbers five & six (slim back down to nine stone and drink two pints of water a day) as my mother and I are started a health kick together. I really need to as all my lovely size 10 clothes I’d recently fitted back into are now slightly too tight which is a wee bit upsetting. I will remedy this!

How are you all getting on with any resolutions you made?
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