#40 The Friday Five 18/01/13

This is my first Friday Five in 2013! Mainly because of the fact I have had loads of other things to blog about but also Friday is a busy day and I’m usually shattered by the time the evening has arrived so nothing seemed better than having a long soak in the bath.
I apologise for my constant blogging at the minute but I seem to have something I want to blog about every day and it’s definitely helping me to do so. I hope all my readers are enjoying my updates, I’m trying to make them varied as it could get a bit boring with loads of book reviews or loads of recipes. Sorry there isn’t many outfits but it’s been so dark I just haven’t been able to take any photos. Roll on the light nights!

Anyway, here we go, this weeks Friday Five.

1. Soap & Glory

 I bought my first Soap & Glory products at Christmas and now I’m completely hooked! I bought them while they were on 342 in Boots and the products were Smoothie Star, Sugar Crush Body Wash & Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser. I have been using Smoothie Star ever since and it has been leaving my skin so soft and I smell delicious. I haven’t started using Sugar Crush yet but that smells good too, just using my Body Shop Ginger Sparkle stuff up first. My favourite item by far though is Fab Pore & you can read my review here! I’d recommend it to anyone!

2. Special K Crisps

As I’ve made it clear from all my recipes, I’m currently trying to lose 10lbs so of course I’m always on the look out for healthy snacks as snacking is my biggest downfall. It’s mainly because I’m on the go all day with my daughter that I need to keep my energy levels up and the easiest way to do this is through snacking. Anyway, these were £1 a box in supermarket this week, I got Sour Cream & Chive and oh wow these are so morish! My mother and I have nearly eaten the whole box already, but it’s fine.. it’s only 95 calories for every 21 crisps. We do look a bit funny counting 21 into a bowl though… 
3. My Fitness Pal App

To go hand in hand with my dieting, I have downloaded the My Fitness Pal app. It’s great for keeping track of what i’m eating and what it contains. You just scan the barcode! It works out how much calories you should be eating and you can even keep track of what exercise you do and what it burns. I really like keeping track of my progress and you can do that too. I lost 4lbs last week and this week i’ve done pretty well (bar today when I fell off the wagon.. I blame my dad buying brie!)

4. The Sims

Since getting my new laptop I’ve been able to play The Sims! I forgot how many hours I could waste playing on this which has been great with how bad TV is at the moment and how bad the weather is. It takes me back to the days when I was only allowed online an hour a day because we had dial up and only my dad had a mobile haha. I still prefer The Sims 2 though. 
5. Onesies!
This is the actual onesie I have! It’s from Next but I got it for Christmas from my parents. I never fancied one before but I actually love it, especially in this weather. I would totally buy a second one if I didn’t have 500 pairs of pjs. My only dislike about a onesie is when you go to the loo in the middle of the night and the heating is off, you basically have to get naked to go for a pee. Not fun. Apart from that, they rock. I even bought my daughter one for her 1st birthday at the end of the month.
And that’s it! What have been your favs this week?
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