#42 MAC Brave Red Lipstick Review

I bought this lipstick back in December but I’ve only worn it twice, once back in December on a night out and the second time was today! After wearing it to simply go to the supermarket (my life is that glamorous, the joys of being a mother) I have decided I am in love!

It’s called Brave Red with a cremesheen finish which is one of my favourite finishes in MAC lipstick however on the website it doesn’t look a nice colour at all and is described as a red-yellow! If I had been ordering offline I’d of never given it a second look, but I bought it from a MAC counter so I was able to check it on my hand. I love the cremesheen finish because it has really good coverage and a nice shine so I needn’t both with a sticky lipgloss over the top.

Brave Red has to be one of my favourite red lipsticks I have ever purchased as although it is bright, it doesn’t make me look too washed out (as I am naturally very fair). Like all MAC lipsticks it’s genuinely long wearing, it survived some brie on toast and a cup of tea which is important for me as I always forget to reapply.
I’ll definitely be wearing this a whole lot more, along with my other lipsticks! 
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