#44 The Friday Five 25/01/13

I have had a truly terrible week (I don’t think i’ve been the only one though!) so I did actually struggle to find five things again, however inspiration has struck so I am able to share my Friday Five with you all again this week. Fingers crossed next week will be better!

1. Home Made Soups

In this weather what better than a big bowl of home made soup? I made a pan this week, my mum made a pan this week and my dad is making one this weekend. It’s all any of us fancy and you can have some many different kinds, my mum made leek and potato, I made vegetable and my dad is making lentil and dahl soup. The snow came back today so I’m looking forward to something warming for lunch tomorrow. There isn’t a recipe for my vegetable soup (sorry) but it’s not hard to make a pan of veggie soup.. just vegetables and stock!

2. Great Comic Relief Bake Off

If you’ve been following my blog since it first started you’ll know about my love for The Great British Bake Off, so I was so excited when I heard they were doing a Comic Relief special this week! My mum and I have watched the four episodes that were on this week (Mon-Fri) and they were hilarious! I loved Jo Brand on the first night, I was nearly sick laughing at her.. and Claudia Winkleman was really funny too. Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood are absolute legends. I’ve already ordered my copy of The Comic Relief Bake off book for a bargain £2.50 (which all goes to Comic Relief).

3. Plans Plans Plans

As i’ve mentioned before, I’ve had one hell of a week! Luckily I seem to have a lot of lovely people who want to spend time with me! Making these plans is really what is helping me get through the day to day struggle. I now have plans up until the middle of April! I’m also hopefully going to finally get to see Les Mis at the cinema some time next week as my lovely friend (who is nearly 8 months pregnant and clearly trying to fit in as much stuff as possible before baby arrives in March!) has offered to take us both south to see it. I hope she’s prepared for me crying the whole time.. I’m secretly hoping it’ll be cathartic. I better get booking train tickets and making everything real!

4. Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep Over Night Serum

I was searching on Boots for a tooth whitening solution and I came across this, Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep. It had quite good reviews (4.5 stars out of 5) and for £3.49 I thought i’d give it a go. So far it looks to be helping slightly so fingers crossed I’ll be able to do a review on it some time soon! It’s so easy to use, you just put some on your finger and rub it on your teeth after you’ve brushed them. Much less fuss than whitening strips!
5. Little Bird S/S13

I know I don’t write much about my personal life (well aspects of it) but I have a daughter, we’ll be celebrating her first birthday on Monday! Anyway, my biggest shopping habit of all is buying clothes for her… and my favourite places to shop are Mamas and Papas, Next and the Little Bird collection at Mothercare. You can read a bit about Little Bird here but it’s a range for children designed by Jools Oliver (Jamie Oliver’s wife). It’s cheaper than Mamas and Papas but it is more different than supermarket brands and Next. In the sale at the end of last year I bought a few pieces and the quality is gorgeous!
Anyway, the spring/summer collect was released this week and these are the bits I have on my wish list for my little girl, red buckle shoes for £15, toad stool t-shirt for £7 & the floral blouse for £9.

So that is it for another week, fingers crossed next week is better & I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
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