#46 A Wednesday Wish List

This week I have been so busy, what with Little Miss having her birthday being the most important of these busy things! I am shattered but I can’t sleep as my mind is totally racing (that and the fact I’m glued to Once Upon a Time). This afternoon I took a shower and I’m so all over the place at the moment I washed my hair in conditioner TWICE instead of with shampoo then condition, it was so filled with product I couldn’t do a thing with it so I had to have a bath tonight and wash it again! What an idiot! Tonight I’ve been on the hunt for a light weight buggy for going in the car as I’ve almost killed myself and took out the washing machine trying to get the pram outside & into the car. I think i’ve seen a nice one I like on the Mamas and Papas website (where else?!)
I have a list of blog posts a mile long, I might sit and write them tomorrow evening and set them to be scheduled posts.. just in case.
For tonight I present to you a simple, Wednesday Wishlist, filled with the things I am currently coveting the most. Of course all this will have to wait until I have a bit more cash in the bank sadly!

Moonstone Ring £10 @ Dixi // Denim Dress £14.99 @ H&M // Nars Casablanca Lipstick £17.50 @ ASOS // Blue Cardigan £7.99 @ H&M
Beige Cardigan £9.99 @ H&M // Emerald City Varnish £5 @ Models Own // Burgundy High Waist Shorts £16.99 @ New Look // Ophelia Floral Crown in Coral £15 @ Dolly Bow Bow
As you can tell from my wish list, I’m getting ready for the better weather.. and I’m getting ready for slimming back down. I am 100% a high waist sort of girl, more so since having my daughter. I now and forever support what my sister and I call “babies home” no matter now much weight I’ll lose you’ll always be able to tell I had a baby. Wearing high waisted things make me feel better knowing it’s covered so I’m desperate for a pair of high waisted shorts to wear over tights as my legs are still my best feature. I’m also in need of some thinner cardigans for when spring arrives. H&M cardigans are absolute bargains and stay bobble free longer than those from Primark. I’m really into chunky jewellery atm now that my daughter is getting older and understands the word “no”. I love Dixi Jewellery, it has such a nice assortment and I have my on the moonstone ring. The dress speaks for itself, it’s super cute and can be worn day or night, same with the rose crown! I have been after one for ages and when I saw photos of this one from Dolly Bow Bow on Sophie’s blog Candy Cane Heart, I knew it was just what I was looking for. Everyone has been recommending Models Own to me for nail varnish & if I could afford any now, Emerald City would be it.

Is there anything you’re lusting after this Wednesday evening?
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