#48 The Friday Five 01/02/13

Is it Friday already? And FINALLY we’ve made it to February! I think everyone is in agreement that January is the worst month of the year, it seems to stretch on forever! If i’m honest i’m not a HUGE fan of February either but it is luckily a short month & my birthday falls in March (not that I have any plans due to my only friend in my hometown being due her baby three days after it) so that is something to look forward too.
I’ve had another really rough week this week so my evenings have been spent curled up on the couch in thick chunky cardigans trying really hard not to binge on chocolate.
Anyway, here is to hoping everyone has a good February! And of course, my Friday Five.

1. Once Upon a Time

I think I’ve made it apparent that I have a huge obsession with fairytale/Disney so of course I was going to watch Once Upon a Time. I started watching it when it was released in the UK but when I broke up with my ex it became something that I just  forgot about as I had more important things on my plate. Anyway, I got season 1 for Christmas and have only just got a chance to watch it this week. I watched all 22 episodes back to back in two evenings and since then I’ve been watching Season 2. I am 100% addicted now, I love everything about it, the characters, the plot.. just everything. It’s the one thing I HAVE been bothered about this week.

2. Melissa Wellies

So the bad weather hasn’t really let up this week.. although we no longer have snow it seems to have poured with rain every day (depressing much) so thank goodness I chose to order a pair of Melissa Wellies with my Office Voucher. They were only £15 and I find them so comfy and cute. Like with all wellies they are cold so you do need a couple of pairs of socks but at least I know my toes are staying nice and dry. Unfortunately they’re no longer for sale in Office but I think eBay has some as I would recommend them to anyone after some cute wellington boots.

3. Pitch Perfect Soundtrack

As i’ve mentioned, at the beginning of January I went to see Pitch Perfect, I loved the movie and one of my favourite things about it was how awesome they made acapella look! This week while i’ve been writing, or cooking, or cleaning it’s what I’ve kept putting on. It’s been great for lifting my bad/grumpy/emotional mood.. just ever so slightly.
4. Body Shop Shea Lip Butter
Is anyone else having serious problems with chapped lips due to this weather? I know I am but I have to say my stress levels have been responsible for some of it as chewing my lip is something I do when nervous. They have been so painful all week and the only thing that soothes them is the Shea Lip Butter from The Body Shop. It retails at £4 and it is a life saver. I layer it on before bed too so when the heating goes off my lips don’t crack in the cold and I put some on if my lips are really painful.
5. Weight Watchers Chocolate & Vanilla Mousse

I went on my diet again this week as I still have another 5lbs I want to loose. I find I get a sore head if I go long without eating something chocolately so these mousses have been great for that. They taste delicious and they’re low in fat. They usually retail for £1.25 for two pots but they’re currently on offer of buy 2 packs for £2 at Tesco. I usually have one after my dinner in the evening and they do make a nice dessert, in fact I prefer them over most other chocolate mousses as they’re not even half as heavy. They also come in Lemon & Lime or Strawberry & Vanilla varieties.
And that is my Friday Five! My tripod has arrived now so look out for some fashion posts in the common week! Enjoy your first February weekend everyone.
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