#49 Teacups Sales

This is just a wee short one tonight as I’m having an early night (finally hoping I can sleep after the hell I’ve been through over the last however many months!) I have so much stuff in my life I have finally decided to sell (only so I can buy more, clearly).

I have made a new page to keep all my selling information together, at the moment it’s featuring some MAC eyeshadows, The Body Shop products, some Benefit & size 12 clothes. Take a look please, I’d really appreciate it! Sometimes I do make myself sound pathetic, must be the one single glass of wine I’ve had, honest!

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!

EDIT I also reached SEVENTY followers tonight, I’ve decided my new aim is to make 100 by my birthday which is the 14th March. If I do I shall grace you all with a wonderful give away in celebration. I am a super nice person, honest!
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