#51 Jumping On Board With Twenty Facts About Me

Everyone and their mothers (brothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers.. you get the picture) has done this facts about me tag. It is self indulgent but I have to admit I have LOVED reading them, it’s so great to get an insight to the blogger behind the blog and like with my Liebster Award post I loved reading the answers to the questions I set for my nominated bloggers. I feel I know them all so much better since.
I have decided that once a week I will try and do a more personal post, it’s really hard because of the issues I have with my ex, I know for one he stalks everything to do with me and that is why I’m so reluctant to post about my life. It’s frustrating because those are the blog posts I love the most! I have so many issues I’d love to address, I just don’t have the confidence yet. But we’ll see.. we’ll see.
So, in this post I am including photos. I apologise for these now as I personally don’t feel I’m particularly photogenic but after some lovely conversations with the ladies involved in the #lblogger chat last night on twitter (I’m teacupcocktails, hi if you are just following me!) I have come to the conclusion I’m old enough to deal with haters.. I’m not that timid blonde weirdo from High School anymore, hell I’m twenty five next month (on the 14th, if you fancy sending me a cheeky gift.. just kidding).

  • I really struggle with self image. I hate my nose, especially from a profile angle. I hate my mouth. it’s slightly crooked and my teeth are a mess (two torturous years of braces did NOTHING apart from allow me to suffer from relentless bullying) and I hate my hair. I have a cows lick in either side so it never ever lies right. When I feel extra insecure I diet as it’s the only thing I can control about my appearance. 
  • My worst habit is biting my nails and lip. I do it when I feel uncomfortable, worried or nervous which at the moment is more often than I’d like. 
  • I LOVE a good argument and I love to be right. I’m great at backing up an argument with evidence and it’s a pet hate of mine when people don’t structure an argument. I used to enjoy debate at school.
  • I feel better seeing numbers written as words rather than the actually number, for example I’m twenty four, so I’d always write it like that rather than 24. 
  • I cannot stand hoarding. If I’m not going to use something, I get rid.. be it selling it on or giving it to charity. I only keep what I need or I’m going to use. However I do like being prepared. I always have to have extra shampoo, moisturiser, wipes, nappies, clothes in larger sizes for my daughter at the ready for when I need them. It’s weird and it means I do have clutter, just brand new unused clutter! 
  • I love eating out in restaurants. I never see it as a waste of money and I could eat out every day if I could afford it. I especially love good food. Eating out is one of my favourite things about going on holiday. Some of the best food I’ve ever had has been while abroad. 
  • I am not a morning person. I hate getting up, regardless what time it is. That first hour after i’ve crawled out of bed is always so painful and i’m always in a bad mood. 
  • I count my best friend as the big sister I have never had. She ALWAYS looks out for me, she’s done the nicest things for me and she always tells me when I’m wrong and need to sort my shit out. I’m a better person because of our friendship. Yeah we’ve had our ups and downs but the best thing is no matter after how long we always sort it out. 
  • I have a slightly crooked pinky on both hands. It curves inwards. When my daughter was born although she looked like her father, she had my pinky so there was no doubt about it, she was mine. Nowadays she looks a lot more like me (at least when I was a baby).
  • I always wear matching underwear. Even if it’s only in colour. I have to have something that ties them together. It’s a slightly OCD thing, like the fact my make up has to match my outfit and my daughters shoe colour must match her outfit.
  •  The worst place I ever lived gave me the best year and a half of my life. I don’t think any of us appreciated it back then but I know we all wish we could go back, at the time we were all so eager to move on. I lived with two of my best friends from university and we had so much fun! The memories I have from there are the best of my whole life. It was the first time in my life I felt like I was doing what someone my age was supposed to be doing. I miss it every day but at the same time I wouldn’t trade my daughter for anything. I think our time at St Andrews Street has made us friends for life.
  • My feet are a size 2/3 depending on where I shop. 
  • I hate fruit mixed in with savory (except the delight that is pears in parma ham) pineapple on a pizza is the biggest crime ever.
  • When house hunting the most important thing to me (aside from the obvious) is that there is somewhere to put a table and chairs.
  • I don’t wear trousers. Ever. 
  • I love floral patterns, it doesn’t matter what season it is I’ll still wear flowers on my clothes. 
  • I really don’t like farm animals. Cows, sheep, goats, horses, chickens.. they all terrify me. I’d much rather go to a zoo over a farm any day. 
  • I’m like a human sat nav once I’ve visited a place once. I rarely get lost on foot but ask me to give directions in a car and I’m absolutely useless! I think if I could actually drive this would be different. 
  • I prefer cold coffee to warm coffee.
  • My family are amazingly supportive in anything I want to do. However I definitely got on better with them all when I didn’t live at home. I clash especially with my dad and sister but it doesn’t take anything away from how much they both mean to me.
Hope I haven’t bored you all too much, I have enjoyed doing this and having a trawl through my old photos.
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