#52 Fashion Inspiration – Tumblr Trends

As i’ve mentioned before I use Tumblr, I have used it for almost three years now. One of the reasons I use Tumblr is for fashion. I know everyone is very into Pinterest these days but as of yet, I just don’t get it! Tumblr is so much easier although I probably still have baby brain. The easiest of concepts seem foreign to me since having my daughter, how am I supposed to cope going back into education?
I have bought a tripod so I can take outfit photos however I haven’t felt brave enough to do so yet. And well if I’m honest I’ve dressed like a scrubber recently due to my lack of social life. Hopefully this will change soon!
This evening I thought I’d share with you some of my fashion inspiration for the up coming spring/summer season. I’m not huge on following trends, I tend to wear what I want but I still like looking for style inspiration just to shake things up a bit.

Credit ne0ncolors
On my lazy days I’ve started sporting the top knot. I haven’t perfected yet though! Those sunglasses are ace, not sure if my face would suit round shades though. I love this dress, the colours are gorgeous as is the pattern. I’m totally sold on long necklaces too however I can only wear them when I’m not with my daughter because she’s a puller!
Credit pinkglamorous
I love everything about this skirt outfit. The colour of the skirt with the skinny belt (I’m a huge fan of these) and the lace bag. Lace is one of these things I wear every season.. I have a lot of lace dresses, lace tights, lace skirt and a couple of lace skirts. The bag is super cute, the cream stands out against the wood and dark strap. 
Credit aestheti-cs
I’m not keen on the top or the jewellery in this outfit but I LOVE the cardigan, it’s such an unusual cardigan. I also love the shorts. I have been looking for the perfect jean coloured shorts for years. I wouldn’t say no to the sunglasses either, very Holly Golightly.
Credit The Mouna Blog
Although I own a similar skirt in cream, a blazer (but I’m desperate for a blaze like this one!), skinny belt and blouses.. I’d never of thought to put them all together. This is a lot more grown up than the styles I usually go for but I feel drawn to it. I especially love it with the dark nail polish. I think it sort of represents the nautical trend that pops up every spring, but in a lot less in your face way. I love it.
Credit EevvaStyle
I’d really like to invest in a circle scarf but I didn’t know how to wear it unless I was wrapping up for winter.. until I saw this outfit and I realised that they are one scarf that can feasibly be carried over into the warmer days and lighter nights.  I also love the colour of the cardigan, it instantly makes me think of Spring.

Credit Little Plastic Horses
I don’t really go out much so evening wear isn’t something I look at often however this LBD caught my eye. I am really into the skater style and as we all know black is very flattering (especially for someone who has had a baby). What really sets this aside is the open back. I think it gives it a very sexy, different look. Anyone want to buy it for me?!
Credit tr4ingbra
Every now and then, usually after something big happens in my life I feel the need to change my appearance. After the events of the past month that feeling has popped up again! This time I’m going to take the plunge and give my hair the infamous ombre treatment. This is quite on trend at the moment but since I’m a natural blonde I’m hoping it’ll suit me. I’m sure I’ll let my readers see once I’ve braved it!
I’m considering making this Fashion Inspiration post a common thing. Maybe next time I’ll do celebrity inspiration… I bet you could hazard a guess at who would make that post! Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?
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