#53 Urban Decay Oz Pallet in Theodora Review

Firstly, my photos aren’t great. My wee point and shoot is starting to get old, it doesn’t like flash free photos anymore! I think once I get a bit of money behind me I’m going to save for something better, something of an investment as I do take a lot of photos, I just tend to use my phone now as camera flashes still aren’t the baby’s favourite thing.
ANYWAY, I digress. Last month I made a lot of money on eBay selling some clothes that no longer fitted. It’s been sat in my paypal account for a rainy day and since last week was just seven days of rain (not literally but it was pretty miserable weather wise) I decided to treat myself. This treat came in the form of the Urban Decay Oz Pallet in Theodora. From the instant I saw it featured on the Elle website, I knew I had to have it.. even more so when Debenhams were offering 10% off with Daily Mail (this offer is still on but it ends tonight!) It usually retails for £35 but with the 10% discount I got it for £31.50 with free delivery. This definitely was a highlight of an otherwise traumatising week (the other of course being my daughters birthday!)

It arrived on Saturday morning but I’d already caked my face up for the day so I didn’t actually try it out until Sunday. I’d chosen the Theodora pallet as the colours were more neutral meaning I could wear them on a day to day basis. I don’t really wear wild eye shadows these days so if I were to go for the Glinda pallet I don’t think I would of used it enough to get my monies worth. Theodora also comes with a mini 24/7 liner in black, these eyeliners alone are excellent and worth the money, whereas Glinda comes with purple and I know for a fact I’d never wear it.

I genuinely love the tin it arrives in and I especially love the large mirror making it easy to apply on the go. The pallet itself comes in the new “pop out” format meaning you could mix and match the shadows with others that you buy in the future and even replace them once you’ve used up without the need to buy a new box. The set also comes with a full size lip colour in F-Bomb that I have failed to photograph! 

I am so glad that I got this pallet. I’d been considering asking for one of the Urban Decay Naked pallets for my birthday but I think I love this more. It has a lovely selection of nude and neutral shades and even the green shades aren’t too in your face. Everything is perfect for day wear, and since I rarely go out at night anymore, this is so me! The colours are highly pigmented, last all day (at least they do over my MAC paint pot I use as a primer) and are just a gorgeous texture. My favourite thing has to be how easy they are to blend. They just look great. Spell & Jealous are the two split colours, this is a first for Urban Decay and it’s such a great idea, it means you get eight colours in the pallet instead of six. Brilliant value for money when you think you can pay £35 for a pallet of four colours from MAC (not that I’d ever hate on MAC, I’m a huge fan, I just think this is much better value for money which is something I have to think about these days. 
Also included was this card how to create the look card. I’m always rubbish when doing these but this one was relatively easy. I have done the look twice since Sunday and even my fashion/beauty mad sister complimented me on it today. That has to be a win in my books! Since I never swatched the lip crayon (my wee one woke from her nap so we headed out and when I returned it was getting dark), I have included photos of me having followed the card to the letter. The mascara I used is Benefit’s They’re Real, it’s still a firm favourite since I reviewed it back in November. 
Naturally I don’t look a patch on Mila Kunis, but it’ll do. I don’t know why my camera is slightly blurring one side at the moment.. it’s probably because it’s on it’s last legs. It has survived a hell of a lot of nights on the town pre-baby.. never mind eh?
If you’d like to see a review of the Glinda pallet, the lovely Gem over at Gem’s Beauty  has reviewed it.

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