#54 John Greed Valentines Blogger Challenge

Once again the lovely people at John Greed have contacted me to alert me to their current bloggers challenge. I entered the last one shortly before Christmas designing my dream Pandora bracelet which you can see here. Although I didn’t win, I thoroughly enjoyed creating my entry. So once again I have decided to enter. This time they have presented me with a Valentines day challenge. If you follow the link it’ll give you all the details in case you’d like to enter this yourself. The prize is the chance to win all the items on your wish list, how fantastic?
This year for Valentines Day, low and behold I’m single. Yes.. I’ll be feeling a little sad, especially when a lot of my friends are happy in their twosomes but instead of avoiding the day completely or getting myself incredibly drunk or gorging on chocolate while watching sad movies and crying (some routes I’ve gone down in the past) I have decided this year to embrace it.
On Valentines day this year I will be doing something special for each of the special or inspirational women in my life. In the past I have bent over backwards doing special and romantic things for the man in my life.. but since there isn’t one this year, why not make the women around me feel special? (In a non romantic way obviously, I doubt my mother would appreciate a dozen red roses from me!) I have a few ideas up my sleeve however I won’t be revealing all until V-Day itself. In the meantime, this idea has inspired my entry for this challenge.

Firstly, the cancer awareness Pandora charm (£35). This is a dedication to my grandmother who passed away from cancer nearly seventeen years ago. I was only eight at the time but I remember how ill she became from her diagnosis in June to her death in the September. To this day she’s my inspiration on all things beauty and style related. She wore Chanel to her death, was always immaculately dressed with her jewels and make up but best of all, she was kindness personified. I know she would of made the best Great Grandmother to my daughter had she been around today.
The Silver and 18ct Gold Plated Single Daisy Drop Bracelet by Daisy (£42) is for my best friend Bee. We have been best friends for almost 9 years, been there for each other through break ups, births of our children, moving houses, losing jobs, losing weight, changing hair styles. We have set fire to her lawn together, drank ourselves stupid together, rang exes together, been on crazy adventures all over the country. Yes we have had our rough patches but at the end of the day, she has been my rock through some of the worst moments of my life. She’s the big sister I never had and I know she’ll always be there for me. It’s not your usual friendship bracelet but I think a daisy definitely signifies our friendship in a better way than any ordinary friendship bracelet could. 
The mother daughter Pandora charm (£65) is obviously for my mum. My mum is without a doubt the best person I know. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body, is unable to say anything negative about anyone and she always ALWAYS supports my sister and I in anything we want to do. She is honestly the best mother anyone could ever have, she has spent the last twenty four years bailing me out any difficulties I’ve gotten myself into which can’t of been easy. I hope that I’m half the mother she is to my little girl because that will still make me a damn good mum. Every Christmas/Birthday/Mothers Day I want to buy this charm for her but I can never afford it. That is why it’s made it onto my wish list. 
Estella Bartlett Good as Gold Skull Necklace (£10) is for one of my other closest friends, Kariss. Kariss was the first friend I ever made when I started university. We hit it off straight away and have been friends since. I have never once fallen out with her, and she is brilliant with my daughter despite having no experience with kids (nor the interest in having her own). She’s a little metal head at heart so I think this little gold skull suits her perfectly.
I think the Eclectic Eccentricity Pocahontas Friendship Bracelet (£15) would be a lovely gift for my friend Ash. She has recently had a dream catcher tattooed on her leg and as soon as I saw this friendship bracelet I immediately thought of her. We have had our ups and downs but these days we’re closer than ever. She’s one of the funniest people I know and I’m lucky that she’ll always have my back.
The Eclectic Eccentricity Starry Starry Night Friendship Bracelet (£13.50) is for my other closest friend Jess. Living with her for a year and a half made some of my toughest times the best. Our house was a hole but we made the best of it and I have the best memories during that time I lived with her and Kariss. We’ve been through a lot together and I think that has sealed our friendship for life. She is an absolute star. 
The Pandora Chinese year of the dragon charm (£35) I guess is technically for me. Both myself and my daughter were born in the year of the dragon (1988 & 2012) so it makes this charm extra special as it’s for both of us. My daughter is without a doubt the most important person in my life and I like having special items that represent this. 
Finally the two rings are for my sister. I have chosen the Virtue London Silver Follow Your Heart Stacking Ring & the Virtue London Silver Live Your Dream Stacking Ring especially for her. Firstly, my mother bought a ring for her from my nephew for Christmas and she recently fell down some stairs and crushed it when she put her hands out to stop herself from breaking her nose. Although I can’t replace that one, I feel these two rings would suit her perfectly and mean something. My sister has suffered from depression from an early age, and to keep her head above the water she had “hope is an ever waking dream” tattooed on her hip. His her life mantra and I feel these two rings mean the same thing in different words. As soon as I saw them she was immediately who I thought of. I know they can’t really replace the ring she broke, but it’s a nice start.
My total wish list comes to £249.50.
I know it’s not the normal kind of wish list because I’m not wishing for things for me (trust me if I did that it would be a different list, however I’m trying to be a bit more selfless this year), but these are what I’d wish for from John Greed. I’d just like to gift them to my nearest and dearest to show them how much they mean to me this Valentines day.
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