#55 The Friday Five – Blog Edition 08/02/13

Well, hello Friday and that’s another week I’m thankful to see the back of. I keep thinking every week that things can only get better, except they don’t. Ever. I am so thankful I have Little Miss to keep me going, she’s as cliche as it is, the light in my life.
I’ve finally shifted my bloglovin’ from my old name to my new name, so give it a follow!
Since I had another bad week this week, I haven’t got my regular Friday favourites up for offering. I have however got something a bit different but still in the spirit of a Friday Five. This week I give you five of my favourite blogs. I have LOADS of blogs that I now read so it is difficult to pick just five. However I have recently promoted nine on my Liebster Award Post; if you didn’t read it I suggest heading over if you need something new to read. They’re all wonderful blogs (well duh, since I nominated them for an award!)
Firstly I have received another TWO nominations for the Liebster Award. I won’t be doing it again because I’ve only recently done it but I do want to give the lovely girls a mention. Firstly Alannah at Keddies Closet; lovely blog by a Canadian girl, great photography and just a pleasure to read. Secondly Frankie over at Frankie’s Say also nominated me for the award. Her blog is very new but it’s updated regularly and she seems to be such a lovely girl.
In case, like myself, you don’t have eventful Saturday nights and spend Sunday with your head down a toilet, instead you spend your days off browsing the net.. then look no further! I’m offering up some wonderful weekend reading. 
The first blog I started following when I made my blogger account this time around was, Ever So Juliet and it still remains a firm favourite. I think her blog is wonderful and I love when a new update appears on my feed. Juliet’s blog is a mixture of life including fantastic recipes and how-tos with some beauty thrown in. The blog itself is so easy to navigate with a beautiful layout. I also follow her on twitter and instagram and she seems to be a lovely lady (which could be a reason I love her blog, nothing worse than bloggers up their own bum). One of my favourite posts is the how to do a hair doughnut! It’s the tutorial I swear by. My other favourite was her post about the new Lush Spa in Edinburgh! I love her writing style and her beautiful art. Of course she’s a Scottish blogger in nearby Edinburgh, so perhaps i’m slightly biased? However I feel it’s a genuine blog, and I 100% recommend you give Juliet a read. 
The lovely Hayley’s blog Strangeness and Charm was another one of the first blogs I followed but since then I’ve gotten to know her well through twitter and I’m looking forward to meeting her (hopefully) in April. I think we’ve become kindred spirits recently because of the bad time we’ve been through! Anyway, I’m gushing about the blogger when I’m supposed to be trying to get you to read her blog! Okay, Strangeness and Charm is mainly beauty and fashion focused with a bit about her life thrown in. My favourite feature is her Sunday eBay Wishlists, I think most of my watch list is now full of things she’s posted about. She really finds the most awesome things! I also love her outfit posts, she has the most awesome style.
I have only recently discovered danielleyc and already it’s become one of my daily reads. Her reviews are wonderful, her photography is fab and her style is just awesome. I love her outfit posts, mainly because nothing is ever high end and if I see something I like it’s usually within my price range. The blog itself is so easy to navigate and it’s one that I’ve been back and read a lot of on my phone when I’ve been unable to sleep. 
Made in a Cup is one of those blogs I followed ages ago, then I didn’t read blogs for a while and have only just re-discovered it this past week. I love Megan and her very frank blogging, it makes it such an enjoyable read. Her blog is filled with colourful photos and she blogs about life and fashion. She has plenty of tags for you to look through if you want something to read over the weekend. I’m slowly making my way through the posts I’ve missed over the while I wasn’t reading. Her reviews are pretty detailed too which I always enjoy.

Finally, this is my favourite blog EVER, hands down. Claire over at French for Cupcake is my fashion IDOL! She has the most fantastic taste in fashion and always looks amazing in all her outfit posts. She’s also an inspiration starting her own bakery business and being able to live off it. Her cakes are fantastic and I can’t wait to hopefully try them in the summer! Her blog is filled with beautiful photography of her fantastic life, I love her updates about her travels! She is such a down to earth genuine lady! She was probably one of my main inspirations to start blogging again. 
I really urge you to check out these blogs by some lovely ladies. They’re great reading material with a nice mixture of content. I know I’ll be spending Saturday night chilling in my onesie and reading some blogs so if you have suggestions of new reads, point me to them!
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