#56 101 Things Update No.2

I’ve decided once a month I’ll do an update of how I’m getting on with my 101 Things in 1001 Days which is what I started in January 1st instead of making the usual resolutions. In January I had made a start on five of my 101 things, I wonder how far I’ve come since?
Italics is in progress. Strike through is completed.
Health & Beauty
5. Reach nine stone
In January I managed to lose 4lbs! I was so impressed as I haven’t been too strict and even though I can’t see it people have told me I look thinner (I fear I look more drawn because of stress rather than weight loss). I have since put on 1lb but this is due to serious comfort eating over the past few weeks.
13. Pay off credit card
I have paid another lump off this.. I’m getting down it slowly and hopefully I’ll be done by March.
14. Buy one thing for a future home a month
This month I bought a set of scales, the electronic type. I have been using it to keep track of my weight loss but I will be taking it to my future home.
15. Sell 10 things on eBay every month 
Yesterday since I had a scheduled post going up I spent the evening listing this months ten items on ebay. Last month I made loads and was able to treat myself. This month I have already sold one thing and I have the money in my paypal account as I’m saving for a new camera. If you fancy a gander, here are February’s ten items.
16. Save money towards Christmas with my mum
Gave my mum £20 last month towards my Christmas shopping, by November hopefully I’ll have saved £220 which will break the back of it.
37. Keep in touch with Bee
This one is still going strong, she’s been such a support during the rough month.
38. Make a baby survival kit for Donna
I have started this! I made a lovely one for my friend Steffy when her little boy was born back in October and since it was so appreciated I have started this month to make one for my friend Donna who is due in March.
59. Write a letter to my daughter on every one of her birthday (1/3)
I’ve done this and I’ve put it with the one I wrote shortly after she was born. I plan on doing this every year until her 16th birthday then she can have them to read.
73. Sort out my stuff once a month (1/33)
God, I love a good clean out, don’t you? Just before Little Miss had her birthday I cleaned out our room and threw out loads of crap to make room for the stuff she was getting. I also have a few bags of baby clothes I’m going to sell on the local baby Facebook group.
Frivolous Things
81. Watch every episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch 
COMPLETED! I still cry at the very last episode!

Book Related
99. Read 100 New Books (3/100) 
Last month I read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, The Lollipop Shoes & The History of Love. Click their links for the reviews!

I apologise this is very photo free, I just didn’t know what to include a photo of! How are your resolutions coming on after a month?
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