#58 Shop Dixi Review (& my very first OOTD, eep!)

Firstly, my camera is pretty much dead. I spent a good 15 minutes trying to get it to come on, then trying to get it to focus is like coaxing my daughter out of the bath.. near impossible! It seems to focus on one side but not the other so my photos end up half blurred sometimes, frustrating. I’m desperately selling my life to try and raise £100 before I go away next week to buy a half decent one as I’m finally meeting my friends baby boy and I want to take lots of photos! I’ve raised £30 so far.
Secondly, my hair. It’s dreadful. It’s in desperate need of dying but my mum just hasn’t been well and before that she was really busy. Normally I’d do it myself but since it’s her bathroom I don’t think it would be okay to get dye on the toilet seat. I’ve not even bothered to do anything other than brush it because it’s pointless.
I discovered this really awesome online shop called Dixi. It mainly sells clothes and jewellery, with some one off pieces at really brilliant prices. After lusting over certain things for a while, I decided to make a purchase when I saw via twitter that the store was offering free shipping in the UK. Usually shipping is a bargain price at £2 anyway. So I placed my order, knowing small online shops take a wee while (especially going buy Royal F- I mean Mail) however two days later my buys arrived and even though they weren’t expensive I LOVE them. I cannot wait to place another order already.

Deathly Hallows Style Necklace £6 // Bronze Belief Ring £2 //Indi Mystic Moonstone Ring £10 // Infinity Suede Bracelet in black £5
As you can see, bloody camera hasn’t focused one side of my face so I look like I’ve had a stroke…
I seem to wear all apart from the necklace (as I can only wear that when my daughter isn’t around) on a daily basis. The rings fit perfectly, as does the bracelet but if you do order from the wonderful Dixi, please please please check the sizing as I have tiny hands and skinny wrists, I wouldn’t want anyone to be disappointed because they bought something small made (which I think the bracelet is, I have to ask my mum to fasten it for me as it just fits). I know the “infinity” symbol is so hipster at the moment, more so with the release of The Perks of Being a Wallflower (don’t shoot me but I think the book is SO overrated) but I do like the idea of “infinity” hence purchasing. It comes in lots of other colours too but I went with black because it goes with everything.
Velvet Hairband, Thrifted // Cream Cardigan, H&M, Thrifted // Green Pleat Skater Dress, ASOS, Thrifted // Mustard Tights, Topshop, £2 in Sale // Black Heeled Chelsea Boots, New Look, £14.50
So, I’m still working on this and getting somewhere with good light. Our house is filled with my sister & nephew’s stuff at the moment so behind the sofa is the only place I could do this at the moment. My hair is dyer, the more I look at this the more I know I have to do something about it. It’s so cold just now, even with the heating on that I’ve opted for my biggest chunkiest cardigan today rather than huddling under my blanket (not suitable when you have to move a one year old away from the TV screen every five minutes). But this is what I’m wearing today. I love a skater dress for lounging around, so comfy. In fact this is all comfy wear, I just stuck the boots on so I wasn’t wearing my fluffy slipper boots (no one needs to see those).
Well.. that was scary. I hope people these days aren’t as harsh critics as when I was at school! Have a nice evening everyone (I’m probably spending mine sorting out my ridiculous hair!)
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