#59 A Wednesday Wishlist – Fairytale Edition

So, I didn’t blog yesterday because for once I had a busy day. I headed over the border to Scotland to spend the day in Edinburgh with the lovely Kirsty from Indigo Buttons. She was absolutely awesome, so easy to get along with and I hope after a day of shopping, gossiping, crying (at the cinema because we went to see Les Mis), drinking and scoffing nachos we’re now firm friends.
Anyway, today I bring you another Wednesday Wishlist, this time it’s fairytale inspired. As i’ve mentioned before I’m slightly obsessed with Once Upon a Time at the moment, combine this with my eternal love for Disney and fairytales, and you have me looking for fairytale inspired bargains. So this evening I thought I’d share this with you.

Firstly, how awesome is this Cinderella T-shirt from Truffle Shuffle? As i’ve mentioned 101 times, I love Disney & although I don’t really wear t-shirts, I couldn’t say no to this one. It looks quite old school too. It costs £24.99.. not sure I’d fork out that for a t-shirt though.
I just randomly came across the Once Upon a Time range by Disaster Designs when I was googling the TV show, Once Upon a Time. Even though pretty much any pieces that would be suitable for me (aka the large bags that could fit in my assortment of bottles, nappies etc) have a hefty price tag, from what I know of Disaster Designs it would be built to last. I love this Little Red Riding Hood weekend bag so much, the colours & pattern are just super cute, unfortunately it’s £59.99.. I guess I’ll have to stick to my Primark old faithful weekend bag for a wee while longer.
The Frog Pandora Charm is a bit self explanatory isn’t it? When it comes to falling in love in real life, it’s very like the fairy tales.. you got to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. This little guy is £20 in John Greed.
Once again, Cinderella has captured my attention. This time as a necklace in the shape of a pair of glass slippers by the wonderful Tatty Devine. I am a HUGE fan of Tatty Devine, I have had a name necklaces since my first year at university, so we’re coming on for SEVEN years and I recently just purchased two little mice brooches. I wish I could own so much more but with Little Miss I dare not spend too much money on jewellery.  This beautiful necklace retails at £27.
How beautiful are these two books from The Folio Society? It is my dream to own a book shelf purely filled with beautifully bound classics. I’ve chosen here Grimm’s Fairy Tales & Perrault’s Fairy Tales as they each contain all my favourites, but with price tags of £39.99 & £36.95 respectfully I’ll have to hope that I get them as gifts at some point.
Finally, another awesome bag by Disaster Designs. This time a Snow White satchel. I love a satchel bag, I do and this one has the cutest pattern and is in green! This one is currently £38.95 on Amazon which isn’t too bad considering. 
I know I could of found so much more if Etsy was working on my computer (I think it’s something to do with my parents internet actually but grrr). Have you seen any great fairytale inspired pieces around recently?
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