#60 The Friday Five 15/02/13

I really wanted to blog yesterday but every time I started blogger kept telling me there was an error and closing my browser.. I contemplated putting up today but it seemed a little bit redundant since it was a Valentines post. However, for once, I did have a really nice Valentines day without a man in sight (I say man since my nephew was running about and he’s only one so clearly a boy). I made my sister up a little pamper package as V day is especially bad for her, in contained a DVD (Chocolat), a bar of chocolate, a face mask & a hair mask. She was over the moon with it. I also cooked a delicious lunch for my mother which I’m going to post the recipe for tomorrow and I walked to M&S to get desserts & non-alcoholic wine to go with our dinner. I tried to wish as many of my female friends Happy Valentines day as possible and I received some lovely wishes back. I was lucky enough to get one card that was from my nephew (well technically my mother but she wrote it from my nephew) and Little Miss gave me loads of kisses, who needs a man when you have such great mothers/sisters/friends/children in your life?
ANYWAY, today I met up with my friend Donna for a gossip and catch up. She’s due her baby in less than four weeks so I’m pretty excited for that! But apart from that it was a very casual Friday and I let Little Miss roam around like a scruff (one year olds & caramel shortbread do not mix!) as I was going sans make up. Now I’m just ramblings on..
So lets get on with this weeks Friday Five.

1. Rimmel Apocalips

Celestial Left, Stella, Right
The most talked about high street beauty product so far in 2013.. usually I never ever buying into the hype but after reading 101 reviews of Rimmel’s Apocalips, I finally cracked last Saturday and purchased Stella. From the first wear I loved them.. not everything about them but enough to make it my go to lip product. The colour lasted ages and it didn’t feather. I loved how easy they were to apply and not at all stick (a pet hate when it comes to lip glosses). So after a rough Wednesday afternoon, I treated myself to Celestial since Stella felt a bit too bright for every day wear. I think I will be getting a lot of use out of these £5.99 products, definitely outstanding value for money.
I apologise for the awful iPhone photos, my camera is truly dead. 

2. Chinese New Year

Chicken in Oyster Sauce & Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup
I persuaded my parents to get Chinese take out on Sunday (10th February) in honour of Chinese new year. This year it’s the year of the snake. I would of preferred to go out for dinner as I love the atmosphere in Chinese restaurants (I used to work in one) as they celebrate but sadly there is only one restaurant in my home town which was close and of course it wouldn’t be suitable to take Little Miss to. Never mind, one year we’ll do it!

3. Les Miserables

Finally went to see this on Tuesday and I LOVED IT! Maybe it’s because I’m now 14 years older than when I saw it on stage, maybe it’s because of my state of mind at the moment that I benefited from crying my eyes out for over two hours or maybe it’s because of the amazing ensemble and excellent casting. Anne Hathaway was barely in it but her performance as Fantine was just amazing, she was so memorable. And who knew Hugh Jackman & Russel Crowe could sing? Who knew. Anyway since then I have had the soundtrack on all the time, even Little Miss is singing along now. 

4. Pancakes

Tuesday was also pancake day (or for you religious types, Shrove Tuesday), one of my favourite “holidays” of the year. As I was going away that day and wouldn’t be back until the evening I made pancakes for my breakfast. I had my usual topping of chocolate spread and peanut butter, delicious! However my pancakes always end up more like crepes! Anyone else have this problem? And what do you top yours with?

5. Tatty Devine

Top is the Country Mouse, Bottom is the Town Mouse
As I  mentioned on my Fairytale Wish List post on Wednesday night, I have been a fan of Tatty Devine since I was at University however I only had my name necklace due to lack of funds. A few weeks back they had an extra 10% off sale items and when I checked to see what was in the sale I came across those two little mice for about £10 each! I had to have them as although I’m not a huge fan of actual mice… I have had four gerbils over the year and we often refer to my daughter as “Miss Mouse” but this is more to do with the fact her comforter from Mamas and Papas is called that. These two now live happily on my coat and as you know I have my sights set on the glass slippers necklace!

What have you been up to this week? What has made it into your Friday Five?
Edit. I’ve ordered my new camera so until it arrives I only have my iPhone to take photos! Despite it being the new 5 version, the camera only seems to perform in decent light.
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