#62 To Bag or Not to Bag! An e-tailPR, ASOS and Marc B Competition

I appear to love these collage competitions, don’t I? I just have a lot of time on my hands and well who doesn’t love “window” shopping? (window of course used in the term of a browser window, I’m so witty!) Anyway, today’s competition comes from the lovely people over at e-tailPR. I have their button in my side bar and have for a couple of months now but this is the first competition I’ve entered.. and honestly.. who could resist this prize? £75 to spend at Marc B & £175 to spend at ASOS which appealed to me as I have an ASOS wishlist a mile long.. and I’m desperate for a new handbag that I can fit all my stuff in and all my baby girls stuff! Even one year old’s need a load of stuff! You can find all the rules over on the e-tailPR blog if you wish to enter for yourself. Go on.. you know you want to!
Sunday nights my mother watches rubbish on TV so I usually take a bath to relax after the stressful weekend but tonight we had very little hot water so I was out in half an hour instead of my usual hour and a half soak giving me plenty of time to drool over bags & bits from ASOS… not good for my bank balance… or my mums since it’s my birthday next month! Sadly, twenty five is not an age for awesome gifts.. I think I’m getting new bedding & The Paradise on DVD, I feel like i’m turning forty due to my lack of social life.
Anyway, this is my entry featuring my new dream bag.. from the measurements I think it’s perfect to fit in my camera, make up bag, Little Miss’ nappies & bottle, save me taking two bags everywhere (a nightmare when you’re transferring child to trolley and juggling two bags along with the reusable shoppers!)

Disclaimer; the only editing software I have at the moment is good ol’ Paint.. I’m sorry if that makes my entry appear bland but I did put time and effort into this regardless. Enjoy!
Starting in the centre with what will be known as The Bag of Dreams, however it’s official name on the Marc B website is Millie Soft Tan. This bag has become female due to her name. She retails at a mere £55 but she looks like she’s worth so much more and if I owned her I know she’d be priceless with the amount of room she has going on! She has three roomy compartments perfect for filling with all the stuff a young lady & her mother needs. As well as a zip compartment (which I’d use to keep my headache tablets in, got to be out of little hands reach!). Another important feature in any bag for me is an across body strap which this has and it’s also detachable, I like my bag on a longer strap than just on my shoulder using the handles. I LOVE soft leather look tan handbags, I have had two cheapish satchels in the past in the same colour and I loved them (they are now long gone to the great handbag place in the sky). I have been on a hunt for months for the perfect replacement and in my heart, I know this is it. What a beaut.
Next, the outfit.. I contemplated going as far as picking a set of underwear to wear but I changed my mind thinking that’s probably going a bit to far.. after all who matches their underwear to their handbag? I know I don’t, so I saw no point in that. The outfit I’ve gone for to go with The Bag of Dreams is one that I would love to wear come spring.. I’m done with my woolen tights, chunky knits and layers upon layers’ I want to go bare legged with a lightweight jacket! I’ve chosen a wonderfully spring-ish dress by Nishe as the basis of my outfit. It is a beautifully cut shirt dress with a rose print.. even the buttons are little roses (which you can see if you follow the link). It retails for £55 which is a bit out of my price range as at the moment my wardrobe consists of sale buys and Primark (where my daughter is dressed in Mamas and Papas & Mini Mode, go figure) but I just think the colours scream “SPRING! WEAR ME IN THE SUN!” Since of course, this is England and we get about two days sun a year, I’ve gone for a light wash denim jacket by American Apparel. I’ve gone for a classic design as I think the bag I’ve chosen looks good with a more classic look. It is currently priced at £49 reduced from £70. Denim jackets are popular for the coming S/S13 and I’d really like to invest in a nice one. For my feet, I’ve gone for practicality as I spend 95% of my time in flats (the only suitable shoes for chasing a one year old all over the house) however there is no denying the beauty in these Tan Moccasins with a metal plate bow on the front and since they’re real leather I know they’re going to be comfort shoe-sonified (see what I did there?) I’ve always fancied a pair of moccasins as a change from my pumps and brogues, I’ve never found the right pair so far.. until I laid my eyes on this pair for Dune. I’ve also picked them in tan to tie in with The Bag of Dreams. 
To go along with my outfit & bag, I’ve chosen some accessories to complete the look. Firstly I’ve picked out a lovely warm looking snood for £20. As I mentioned before in England we barely have any sun and even less heat so in the spring it’s still essential to keep yourself warm to a degree. I think a snood matched with the jacket & dress I’ve chosen will both look good and be practical. The pastel colour is right on trend too. I am however the eternal optimist so I have also picked out a pair of oversized sunglasses from Mango. These retail at £22.99 which is definitely more than I’d pay for sunglasses as I lose pretty much every pair. They do look classy though and classy is what I’m going for. Next, to go with The Bag of Dreams, I also present to you.. The Watch of Dreams by Marc Jacobs. This really is The Watch of Dreams as it retails at £179. I would love an expensive watch as I barely wear jewellery these days due to having my daughter and the risk of catching her on sat a ring or a bracelet. But a watch.. a watch I could work with. Again I’ve gone with the tan to tie it to The Bag of Dreams.
And finally, to pull the whole look together, I’ve chosen a Nars lipstick in Niagara. I think this pop of colour will just finish the whole look off and it goes nicely with the dress i’ve chosen. Nars satin lipsticks retail for £17.50. 
Over all, I did enjoy making an entry for this competition.. it’s so easy to do with ASOS because the site has the save for later function so I was able to browse, save some bits I liked then I went back and was able to pull the outfit together. So easy! I think what I’ve come up with is something that is both mature enough for a mum to wear and young enough that a twenty four year old can look good in it. Because after all, as much as I love being a practical mum, I still like to look and feel good.
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