#64 L’Oreal Preference Wild Ombres Dip Dye Review (& an OOTD)

Firstly, my beautiful new camera arrived yesterday and I have been so snap happy since.. mainly photos of my daughter, nephew, cat & cousin’s son Max who came down for an impromptu play date. I’m happy to report it went very well! Anyway, I have taken photos for my blog however I’m not up to scratch on how to use the settings to their best effect.. I’m getting there though so excuse me if they are not epic as of yet. I hope with some more practice I’ll get there eventually!

However since about five this evening I’ve started going down hill rapidly. I’ve had a touch of a cold all week but my head is now killing along with my throat and ears. I plan on laying into the Lemsip max tablets tonight and tomorrow so I’m well enough for Friday evening. I actually have plans this weekend for once, it’s an early celebration of my twenty fifth birthday as I can’t get a babysitter next month. I’m looking forward to having a cocktail or two, some chicken & a gossip with the girls.

Anyway, enough about my mundane life, the review & outfit before I whisk myself off to bed. Toe nail painting is out the window this evening (along with the sneaky glass of wine my mother has been plying with me each night while she’s been on half term.. ahhh the joys of being a teacher)

L’Oreal Preference Wild Ombres Brush On Dip Dye No.1 £6 Boots
Ombre hair is very popular at the moment and very “hipster” which is probably why I have taken so long to pluck up the courage to finally do this as I’m not hugely into following trends. However I was desperate to do something with my hair, and short of cutting it, dying was the only other thing I could think of doing. I’m so against cutting it after during a very hormonal day last year I chopped it off with some kitchen scissors. I regretted it and it’ll be a long time before I cut it again (short of the monthly trim to dead end it). I considered going red, I haven’ had “real” red hair since I was about 17/18 and it strangely suited me. My hair goes naturally reddy brown after the dye starts to fade and that’s nice too. However If I was going to do it, I wanted Ariel red hair but being a single mum the upkeep would be dreadfully expensive and it’s hardly professional! 
Credit Tumblr
So, the other week when I was in town with my sister she persuaded me to buy the dye for when I felt read to do it. I already had the brown hair dye to cover my blonde roots so I figured one week I’d have my roots covered then the following week have it dip dyed. So that’s what we (as in my mum & I) have done. I also invested in some Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends Intensive Mask (which smells AMAZING) to give some TLC to my hair before an after torturing it with two lots of dye. It seems to have worked great and I have really shiny, soft hair.. not dry at all. 
I admit, these photos aren’t great at showing off what it looks like. My mum took the before and my sister the after and neither of them are amazing with a camera (my mum actually took FIVE as she kept getting the coats in.. this is the best of a bad bunch, bless her). Also both are taken in the evening with the flash on due to only finding time in the evening. However, in my opinion, the finished look is GREAT! I was terrified I’d have split block hair, half browny red & half bleach blonde but it’s so subtle! Worth all £6 and my mum says it was so easy to do. 
Basically you mix the colourant together (as you do with all dyes) then apply it to this weird comb and slowly brush it down the section of your hair you want coloured. I asked my mum to start further down my hair than it suggested (again due to my fear of having block coloured hair) but next time I’d be okay with her starting half way up. I left it on for about 40 minutes as my hair was pretty dark to start with. Then you just wash it out like with normal dye. Although I know people who have done it themselves I think it’s much easier someone doing it for you, especially at the back. I will definitely be keeping this look up for a long time.
Dress. £25 Topshop // Leggings, £5.99 H&M // Studded Pumps, £17.99 New Look // Owl Necklace, Christmas Gift
The photo quality and my FACE is dreadful in this photo, I look miserable! I managed to take this when the sun came out briefly today as when I tried earlier my dress wouldn’t even show up because it’s such a deep purple. Like I said I’m still working on the settings. It’s a pretty simple outfit as I didn’t go far today, just to the shop in the village for some milk. However, my hair shows up better here.
Nails, No7 Stay Perfect Dollar & Models Own Emerald City
Mouse Ring, gifted by Everours with a purchase
Finally my face of the day. My skin isn’t holding up too well this week (again typical as for once I have plans) but I am loving my new MAC lipstick in Ravishing & Bobbi Brown blush in Coral. They’re just the shade I’ve been after! Hopefully will get around to reviewing them after a few wears (next week at this rate, I love them so much.)
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