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#66 Wish You Were Here – Lincoln in February

I worked out the other day, I have spent one fifth of my life living in Lincoln. I love the place and it would of been a lovely place to raise my daughter had things worked out differently. However I’m now lucky that every couple of months I get to go back and visit friends, i’m lucky that I get to “holiday” so often in such a great place.
On Friday I took the train down for some premature birthday celebrations with my two ex housemates. I had a wonderful weekend filled with a lot of food, a lot of alcohol and a lot of shopping. The weather wasn’t great, it was grey, miserable and bloody freezing! It even snowed at one point, not that it effected our plans in any way, just meant I wasn’t keen on hiking up Steep Hill to see the cathedral. I had wanted to take a few photos of some of my favourite old haunts but it was just too cold for that, plus I met up with my lovely friend Steffy to finally meet her little boy, it wouldn’t of been fun for either of them to be dragged all over the city in the snow. Instead, I did a lot of shopping.
I didn’t arrive until late on the Friday as I used my East Coast Reward points meaning I could only go on certain trains. I had ordered Dominos to arrive about the same time as I, above is a feast for Jess and I since Kariss wasn’t arriving until the next day. We spent my first evening having three way texting conversation with Kariss so she felt like she was here, eating pizza and watching re-runs of Don’t Tell The Bride. So relaxing. 
Saturday, Jess was working so I met Steffy in town. We did some shopping before heading to Handmade Burger Company for lunch. I had a voucher to buy one burger or salad and get another for £1. Bargain. The burgers are so good too as are the chips. I had the Milano which was a burger topped with mozzarella and pesto and Steffy had the Cajun chicken burger. Both were delicious. I wanted to take a photo but I was far too interested in cuddling her little boy. He’s so well behaved! 
I also accidentally on purpose bumped into the lovely Rhiannon of The Sparkly Panda! We had a great chat in the freezing cold. I’m thoroughly looking forward to hanging out with her in April at the Nottingham Bloggers Meet.
For dinner that evening Jess, Kariss & I ate in Nandos. An old tradition. I had a quarter lemon & herb chicken, rice & haloumi cheese. Again, I wanted to take a photo but I just completely forgot. Far too busy gossiping! I had totally forgot how much I love Nandos and now I feel I really need to go again asap!
After a few hours of primping including face masks and a few pre-partying drinks we headed into town for cocktails and dancing. Due to being far too intoxicated and my little old camera being so temperamental in the focusing department most of my photos didn’t come out sadly! 
Two cocktails a piece. I had a Mai Tai & Bombay Bramble.
I am so bloody attractive after a few drinks!
The ladies.
Awkward smile much? Credit

Sunday I was nursing the hang over from hell with very little idea what happened the previous night, thankfully I wasn’t the only one. There is nothing worse being the only one ridiculously drunk and making a total fool of yourself! I had the longest lie in over a year though, having slept fully clothed (including my coat!) An hour before my train and after Kariss had left, Jess and I headed out for some food. I had an amazing roast beef dinner including mash potato and gravy.. gravy is actually an amazing hang over cure (thanks Ted on How I Met Your Mother for that tip off) but this time it made little distance. I felt like death all the way home. My day concluded with a hot bath and an early night. 

It was such a lovely weekend, I felt twenty four again which was my main aim. I had missed Little Miss though and I was so happy to come home to her little smiling face. To make up for my disappearing act this weekend my sister and I took her and my nephew out to lunch. They were so well behaved! Another lovely day in the bag! 
How did you all spend your weekend?
We are the presidents of the suspender tights club.
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