#68 A Wednesday Wishlist – Birthday Edition

Hello Hello Hello! I don’t know about you but I’ve had a seriously hectic Wednesday! Firstly it was my sisters boyfriend’s birthday so she was late taking me & Little Miss to meet my friend in town for lunch (they’d seemingly had to wait for his WHOLE family to arrive to sing happy birthday to him, whattt?) Anyway, Little Miss has been in such a bad mood all day because she’s so close to cutting her top teeth. I try to be patient since I can only imagine how uncomfortable that is for her. We had a nice lunch in the local Wetherspoons though. Then I had to meet my mum from work to go grocery shopping. After that, I briefly fell asleep on the couch (I was awake all last night watching Hey Arnold on youtube due to worrying consuming my mind) then it was my turn to cook dinner, followed by baby bathing, tidying up and the dishes. I finally sat down the back of 7 where I proceeded to read & comment on blogs, send a few messages and eat a box of cookie dough bites my friend gave me at the weekend. Before I hit the wine I thought I’d share with you A Wednesday Wishlist.
It’s my twenty fifth birthday two weeks tomorrow (14th March) and although I’m not really that fussed that I have no plans on the actual day, I have been joking that it’s my SILVER JUBILEE therefore I’d like a parade in honour of it. Of course in reality, I’ll be at home alone with Little Miss reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and eating left over Quavers at snack time instead of birthday cake (I bake the cakes in this house and I’m not a huge fan of shop bought ones so I know I won’t get one). As for presents, I know what I’m getting! Some new concealer, some new bedding (mine were cheapy from eBay in August and they have already lost most press studs along the bottom so every night my quilt comes out!), The Paradise on DVD & The Silver Linings Play Book book. Nowadays my daughter gets the bulk of gifts on her birthday. Again i’m not bothered, I have my own money to buy what I’d like really but say I was still a wee kiddy and got a nice piles of gifts on my birthday morning.. this is what I’d be asking for!

As usual with me, I like to do realistic wishlists, things I could eventually afford to buy myself. I’d feel pretty miserable if I knew I could never afford anything I posted! I try to never relate clothes to birthdays as I pick up bits as pieces as and when I need (or want) them. 
Firstly, this Cath Kidston teapot! It retails at £25 and I think it’s beautiful! Perfect centre piece for the sophisticated tea parties I hope to one day throw! It’s in a darling Provence Rose print which is one of my favourite patterns by Cath Kidston. Ideally I’d like the whole damn tea set but I’d settle for this super cute teapot! 
Since my daughter is now that wee bit older I’ve started to wear more jewellery on a regular basis.. unfortunately this said jewellery when not been worn is just sat on my bedside table and I’m forever misplacing it! I saw this little Owl Catch All on the Urban Outfitters website for a bargain £6! I think it would be so useful to have somewhere to keep all my little bits and pieces that was also a lot more accessible than my jewellery box!
As i’ve mentioned a few times on Cocktails in Teacups, I’m a single mother so I currently sleep on my own in bed. I have had my eye on this Alice in Wonderland soft bodied doll for YEARS but I just don’t feel that it’s acceptable for me to buy it myself. It also costs £16 which I think is excessive to spend on a doll for myself.. however if I was to receive it as a gift.. that would be a WHOLE other story.
No birthday would be complete without the gift of media. I’ve chosen The Breakfast Club DVD because it’s an awesome movie and I haven’t watched it in years! I’m a bit sad I don’t own it. It’s currently only £4.75 on Amazon. While in town today I had a flick through the new book by The Hummingbird Bakery and I was so excited to find it wasn’t just cakes! It’s currently only £9.99 in WH Smith & on Amazon. I’m currently really struggling to get my teeth into a good book at the moment and this month I only read one book.. ONE! I have read amazing reviews of Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern which has made me desperate to get my mitts on a copy! It’s only £3.86 on Amazon at the moment.
I’ve been on the hunt for a while for a really good eyeshadow primer when I came across this one by Nars for £19. I don’t mind paying the expense if it’s going to work wonders and from the review I’ve read this one seems to do just that! I need something for when I go out at night and i’m far too intoxicated to sort my make up, something I can guarantee to keep it fixed in place!
Finally, the greatest gift in my opinion is the gift of Lush! I am a HUGE Lush fan, especially when it comes to anything you can use in the bath. I was so upset when I wasn’t in a city on Boxing Day so I could go stock up in the sale.. sadly this means I’ve got a few weeks Lush free and bathtime just hasn’t been the same. The two gifts I’ve picked out are solely filled with bath goodies, Blooming Beautiful for a bargain £7.80 & Relax Take a Bath for £12.50. Although some of the items in them aren’t my favourites, I know I’d still use them.
Maybe if I’m lucky to get some money I’ll be able to treat myself to a few of these things but some of them seem to be in the department of “gift only.” Never mind.. only nine months until the Christmas season haha!
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