#69 Insta-month February 2013

Mickey & Minnie Cookie Cutters from Bee // M&S Lunch with Little Miss // Peter Pan Panties FTW
Apocalips in Stella // Valentines Card from my nephew Jack // Models Own Emerald City Nails
Ombre Hair // Reaching 9 Stone // Excessive Cocktails with the girls
In February 2013…
The highlights were… going to Edinburgh to meet the LOVELY Kirsty from Indigo Buttons, going shopping, having lunch, seeing the AMAZING Les Miserables, getting drinks, gossiping & eating nachos. We are now friends for life! Winning the John Greed Valentines blogger competition and being able to give all my nearest and dearests wonderful gifts. Early birthday celebrations with my gals, eating loads of food, drinking a lot of gin and making a total fool of myself. Standard behavior really. Reaching my target weight of nine stone & finally taking the plunge and dying my hair ombre style.
Some things I have been loving… my daughter (obviously) and the fact she learns new things every day. Models Own nail varnishes & Rimmel Apocalips. Once Upon a Time, it’s fast become one of my favourite TV shows ever. The nights getting lighter although this has only happened recently. The network of blogging friends I have made over the last few months, I constantly want to see them and have a real life friendship, hence my accidentally on purpose bumping into Rhiannon of The Sparkly Panda.
My favourite purchase… has been my new camera.
Biggest regrets have been… that I only read ONE book this month! I just haven’t been in the right frame of mind in the evenings.
Next month I hope… things finally start getting better in regards to my life. So far this year everything has been quite awful on the life front. I’m looking forward to spending time with some lovely friends, celebrating my 25th and hopefully coaxing Little Miss into walking full time!
I’ve been umming and ahhing as to whether or not I wanted to do one of these sorts of posts, mainly the Insta-spam bit. However I figured if I only do it once a month it technically won’t be copying everyone else and their weekly post. I do love Instagram, some may say I’m addicted but I find it so much easier to document life through photos (although many of you are aware i’m quite addicted to Twitter these days!) I’m really exhausted again tonight due to another hectic day. Tomorrow a lovely friend is coming to visit from Newcastle way so Little Miss & I have an early morning hike to the station, I could use the exercise since I’ve baked sugar cookies today.. that no doubt my mother and I will devour tonight! Hope everyone has had a good Thursday, can’t believe it’s March tomorrow!
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