#71 MAC Ravishing Lipstick Review (& an ootd)

Anyone else love when Debenhams do their 10% off beauty and it includes MAC? I know I do and I always have to buy something! It’s on again this week in the run up to Mothers Day on Sunday, I have no idea what I’m going to invest in this time though, maybe a bottle of Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs as I’ve been given some birthday money already (some of my family like me to buy a present, have my mum wrap it for me so I can open it on my actual birthday, fat chance of that happening!)
Well the last time it was on, I treated myself to a Bobbi Brown blush in Coral Shimmer (review coming soon) and a MAC lipstick in Ravishing. In my opinion it’s the most perfect coral!
As you know I’m a big fan of the cremesheen finish from my Brave Red review and once again this one has not disappointed. It’s not a bright, in your face coral, more a creamy peachy colour, perfect for daytime wear. I’ve been wearing it most days since getting it, going between this and Celestial from the Rimmel Apocalips range as I prefer to have heavily done eyes than lips on a day to day basis. 
I didn’t get to swatch this one in a shop but I did my research because I desperately wanted a coral lipstick. I had seen one by NARS I wanted but it was out of my price range. With the Debenhams discount this one cost me £12.60 with free delivery but I have been known to pay full price for a MAC lipstick, I just think they’re great value of money with excellent pigmentation not to mention they last AGES. 
I apologise for my face. I’m in capable of pulling a decent face but this was the best at showing off the colour on my lips. It looks like such a fresh colour, perfect for the pastel season coming up this Spring. My skin is a real mess after being completely full of cold! This is also a decent photo of my ombre hair! I’m still loving it even if it is sort of gingery.
Next is what i’m wearing today. I have TRIED all over the house to find somewhere with good light on these dull days but there just isn’t anywhere so I reluctantly ventured outside hence the jacket. The lighting was fab but I just can’t seem to pose nicely with my face.. can I have a new face please?! I am no model.
Pinafore Dress £32 Miss Selfridge // Top £7.99 H&M // Biker Jacket £55 Topshop // Tights £2.99 Primark // Brogues £22.99 New Look // Hat £12.99 Miss Guided
Look another blogger in a bowler hat! Today I am strangely all on trend with the hat and biker jacket. The jacket was a gift from my mother because of all the crap I had to go through at the beginning of February. I love it but I don’t think I can pull it off as well as my sister. I got the pinafore on my trip to Edinburgh to meet Kirsty @Indigo Buttons. I’ve been after a pinafore for ages since I sold mine when I was pregnant but I didn’t want one that my daughter could possibly wear! This one seemed semi-grown up. The brogue are just my old work shoes, they’ve become my go to pair. 
No face in this photo, woo! Ever since photos appeared from the night out last week I have been so self conscious when it comes to photos.. usually I can get around this by taking the photos myself alas not even that is working at the moment. SIGHHHH, hopefully I’ll get over it again soon.
Hope you’re all having a pleasant Monday!
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