#75 The Friday Five 08/03/13

Urgh.. I really hope bad things do come in threes because after the bad news I received this morning I’ve had my three bad things (probably the worst three things to have happened to me as an adult). Lets hope it can only get better, I mean it could get worse but I really hope not.. I can barely mentally cope with everything as it is! I’ve had my cry, talked to my bestie and now I’m just putting it all out of my head for the time being. If I don’t I’ll only suffer from terrible insomnia and make myself worse. Sighhhh!
Anyway, on a more positive note I get to spend tomorrow with the lovely Emma of Life as Lady T. We’ve been long time internet pals so it’ll be great to spend time in person. I really hope Little Miss is better behaved, she’s been a struggle all week (although I’m sure most of that is teething and some of it is me just being tired). Then Sunday is Mothers Day. My mum has booked a table at a local restaurant for herself, my sister, my dad, my nephew, Little Miss & me for Sunday lunch. Last year I didn’t get to celebrate mothers day so I’m looking forward to it this year.

I’m only 6 GFC followers away from 150! I’m amazed and so proud of my wee blog. I have a giveaway planned for when I reach 150 and if I get there before my birthday on Thurs I have something extra to add! 

Everything hasn’t been all bad this week, I managed to put together a good Friday Five (although some is left over from last week when I was too exhausted to post). Enjoy!

1. My New Camera

The other week through some serious eBay dedication I managed to save enough to treat myself to a new camera. After reading some reviews I settled on a Nikon L120 bridge camera. At first I was really intimidated by the settings but finally, two weeks later I’m finally getting the hang of it. My dad is super jealous (despite he has a much more expensive camera) and has asked to borrow it. It’s a lot bulkier than i’m used to but I don’t care, the photos i’ve taken so far have been worth the extra weight. 
2. Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Hair Mask

I bought this just before I dyed my hair to cover my roots. Because I knew I’d be dying it again a week later I wanted to give my hair some TLC and to stop split ends. After all prevention is better than treatment, right? I’d read a few review for this and it seemed good, what really sold me was the smell. Herbal Essences, I find has the best smelling products that actually leave your hair smelling amazing. This stuff is no different and although I don’t see any improvement, I don’t see any damage from the excess dying either which in my book is a plus! I use this once a week in place of regular conditioner. It retails for £3.99 but I got it while on 3 for 2 in Tesco along with the shampoo and conditions
3. Sunny Days

This was more late last week/weekend but it was really like Spring had arrived! I didn’t need to wear my winter coat anymore, just a jacket and a scarf! I loved it. I’m so sick of miserable weather now, it just makes all the bad stuff ten times worse! Today has been the worst of all week, I’m back to wearing a big jumper, thick socks and leggings. Fingers crossed for sun next week, my birthday is usually nice.. hope it continues this year (although I’m not doing anything, it would still be nice to have the sun shining!)
4. Elemis Lipbalm in Cosmo

When I was getting the train to Newcastle on Tuesday I bought a copy of Cosmopolitan for some light reading. Free this month with the magazine was one of three Elemis Products; a daily moisturiser, a mattifying moisturiser and a lipbalm. I got the lipbalm and I have to say that I love it! It has a minty smell and taste (just in case you don’t like that) but so far my lips seem less cracked. Always a winner. The magazine is pretty good, on the cover is the lovely Zooey Deschanel and I really enjoyed the article. 
5. Game of Thrones

Yes I am VERY late to the Game of Thrones party and if I hadn’t moved home (mum, dad & sister are all obsessed with it) I probably wouldn’t of watched it yet HOWEVER i’m real glad I did. I only have two episodes of season one left to watch and although I’m not AS addicted as I have been with things in the past, I do very much want to continue watching it. I’m a huge Daenerys fan, I don’t know why really but I do think she is such a hard bitch when it comes to her brother (I did hate him though). I also love Tyrion, he has the best lines. Like everyone I have a mega crush on the Stark boys, Jon Snow & Rob Stark but then again, who doesn’t?

Hope you all have had a better week than me & have a great week ahead of you!
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