#76 Ode to my Mother

I wanted a witty title, or maybe a quote.. but I left writing this so late due to baking a ton of cupcakes and taking part in the twitter chats. I’ve had two busy days, the bad luck is still haunting me (missed my train yesterday and my nephew ended up getting sick so my sister couldn’t come today) but they have still had their good moments. I want to do a haul post later on this week and then I can talk about yesterday. Today I want to blog about mothers day and my amazing mum. 
First things first, I want to say that although I was a mother last year, I didn’t really have a mothers day. I don’t even think I got a card so this year my mum was pulling all the stops out to make it special for both myself and my sister. She had booked a table at her favourite restaurant in our town (and why the hell not? It’s her mothers day too!) and even though I had to buy my own gift she paid for it. She also bought something from my nephew to my sister. She really is an amazing woman. Unfortunately my nephew is really unwell with a bug so my sister didn’t get to go for lunch but we did all open our cards and gifts together.

My card & gift off of Little Miss
I have to admit I did pick out my gift myself but I have been desperately low on Lush. The card is cutest! I especially love it as one of Little Miss’ nicknames is Miss Mouse! The Lush box I got was Bunty which has to be my all time favourite one of the gift boxes. Our whole sitting room smells wonderful now! I gave my mum the Pandora charm I won the John Greed Valentines competition, she loved it but did tell me it was too much. Luckily I was able to show her my entry for the competition and she got a wee bit choked up. Bless. 
For lunch, as I mentioned, we went to my mums favourite restaurant which were doing a special Mothers Day Sunday lunch. I went for the breaded Camembert to start, followed by roast beef & finished with stick toffee pudding. From the times in the past i’ve been here to eat, I’ve not been impressed (as i’m not a fan of home cooking style in a restaurant, I prefer to go somewhere a bit more special) but today I couldn’t fault it. It was all so delicious! No alcohol was consumed either surprisingly! And my mother and I were each given a bunch of tulips and daffodils.
Now, for the traditional sop that goes along with mothers day! My mother is a saint. I have never met a person like my mum who cannot find anything bad to say about anyone. She always, no matter what they have done, sees the good in them. She puts up with all the stress that we all cause her (by we I mean myself, my sister and my dad) and rarely loses her temper. After everything I have been through and i’m about to go through, she is there by my side. She has never stopped me doing anything, she only offers her support once my hair brained schemes fall through. She brought me up to fight my corner, to have an opinion and to follow my dreams. When I had to leave my home, my partner and my friends, she has been a pillar of strength and has taken on the role of my “other half” she even got up in the night for Little Miss when she still wasn’t sleeping. Even now, she takes her turn to give me a break. She is a saint. I wouldn’t of made it out of this alive if it wasn’t for her and I know my sister feels the same. We haven’t given her an easy ride but when I pointed this out today she told me that we’d given her the best thing in the world, her two beautiful grandchildren.. sob! I wish I could one day give back to my mother for all she’s done for me.. however I know now being a mother myself, you don’t ever expect payment for everything you do in life for you child, you do it through love. And if there is one thing i’ve learnt in life, it’s that there is no greater love than that for your child. 
Mum, if I’m even half the mother you are to Little Miss, that still makes me a damn good mum. Love you x
(I apologise for the qualities of these, one is on a phone & the other on an old film camera, obvs. Also, I’m the blondie)
What did you do for you mother today? Or if you’re a mum yourself how were you spoilt?
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