#80 Twenty Five, My Silver Jubilee

Today is my twenty fifth birthday. If I didn’t have Little Miss I would not feel twenty five in anyway, but since I have the responsibility of being a mother, I do feel that I could be that old. Even though my mum has joked all day it’s my Silver Jubilee, I haven’t done anything special.. I didn’t get parades or a ride down the river in a boat. Nope. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t had a good day, because I have, it’s been a really nice day. I mean I would of liked to have seen one or all of my friends. I would of liked to have drank a few cocktails, or gone out for dinner. However, in my twenty five years on this planet, I’ve learnt that nothing will ever be perfect. 
The amount of love i’ve been shown today has been amazing. I can’t remember the last time I felt so loved and after my last birthday & mothers day, it’s been wonderful. From Little Miss & my nephew cuddling in M&S, to the beautiful cake my mother baked me, to the texts & tweets and of course the amazing gifts I received. I’m so thankful! My dad even came home from work & my grandparents called around. All in all it’s just be so nice to have my family around. This is the first time i’ve spent my birthday at my parents home in six years and in spite of all my complaining I’m glad this is where I was today. 
I thought I’d share with you some photos from my day. 

My mum put these on my placemat this morning for when I got up, bless.
All my gifts & cards, I didn’t open them until everyone came in from work at lunch.
Special cards on the mantel.
Some of my lovely gifts. I’m full stocked up on Lush now!
A cake baked by my mother, best one she’s ever made. Lucky me!
M&S Chinese for dinner with non-alcoholic bubbly.
My mum asked me what I wanted to eat for dinner since we’d already been out on Tuesday for lunch for both my birthday & since my sister missed mothers day. I chose chinese from M&S as I’m sick of the same old stuff on our local take out. It was delicious! So much lighter than take out. It was so nice to be able to sit at the table with my mum, dad, sister & the two kiddies. We toasted and after dinner I blew out my candles.

Anyway, the nicest part of my birthday was this.

A card from a lovely group of my online friends, Enid, Jenna-Kate of Book Odyssey, Nicola of A Little More, Ingrid, Charlotte of T*Rexes and Tiaras & Rhiannon of The Sparkly Panda, some I have been friends with for many many years on different sites, others are new friends but all of them chipped in to buy me a £65 Lush Spa gift card. I cried when I opened it and read the card. It was such a sweet thing to have done and I wish they could of all been there so I could of hugged them all. I could never thank them enough and I cannot wait to go for a treatment. It’s a dream come true.

Now I’m chilling out with a glass of wine, watching Game of Thrones season 2 and I plan on having another slice of cake. As much as a I really miss my friends, I have had a birthday to remember. It might not have been my usual style of getting so drunk I make a fool of myself, but I enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone’s birthday wishes. Mid twenties crisis to follow no doubt! Watch this space.

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