#81 Weekly Wardrobe – Polka Dots & Bow Ties

My Weekly Wardrobe is back! I’m going to alternate every Friday between this and The Friday Five. I have finally found somewhere to take photos in good light, my garden. Ha. Thankfully next door we have a 97 year old house bound lady so there is no issue in her walking out and catching me! I still haven’t got the settings right on my camera or where to stand or what face to pull or how to pose. I’m not a model, nor do I ever wish or want to be a model. 
So I apologise for the silly face & funny poses. But here is what I’ve been wearing the past week! I’m so glad it’s not been as cold! Grey, yes, windy, yes. But not freezing cold. Especially today! Today I managed to get away with a chunky cardigan and a scarf! Little Miss even went in her buggy without the foot muff, just a blanket! Spring, please be on your way! 

Tuesday, I went out for lunch with my mother, sister, nephew & daughter.

Lace Dress from Glamorous at ASOS (similar here)
Black Top from H&M (here)
Black Blazer from Primark 
Wool Tights from H&M 
Victorian Boots from eBay (here)


 Wednesday, grocery shopping.
Chambray Shirt from Ark (here)
Skater Skirt from Topshop (here)
Belt from Primark
Heart Print Tights from ASOS (here)
Glittery Bow from Crown & Glory (here)
Please note, my facial deformity ha. I try and cover it up as much as possible tbh.
So yeah, I wore my hair bow as a bow tie on Wednesday. I liked it, my mother didn’t and wouldn’t let me come to Tescos with it on. To be honest, I saw her point. My hometown isn’t ready for such radical fashion statements, I mean my heart print tights got enough funny looks. Sigh. The sooner I live in the city again, the better.
Thursday, it was my birthday! My face is DREADFUL in this photo.
Dress from In Love With Fashion (here)
Nude Tights from Tesco
Black Heeled Boots from New Look
Necklace by Disney Couture
I just loved my make up yesterday. Sorry/Not Sorry.

Friday, visiting my grandparents & Comic Relief.

 Red Lace Dress from Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Oxblood Cardigan from Zara 
Leggings from H&M (similar here)
Victorian Boots from eBay (here)
Fairytale Charm from John Greed (Birthday gift from my sister)

Today as all you Brits know, is Comic Relief. My mum works in a school so she has us all wear red and donate a pound. This included the kiddies. This is the only red thing I own and it’s one of my favourite dresses. It’s so comfy and easy to wear either day or night. I also had to go with the top knot today as my hair was a mess from the day before.

As usual I feel stupid & self concious for posting these, they look rubbish compared to some of the fashion bloggers I follow who’s photos always look so PROFESSIONAL! But I know deep down i’m blogging for myself, not for judgement or awards. I’m blogging about my style so I can look back in 10 years time and say “Where did that dress go?” or more likely “CHRIST, what was I thinking?” 

So that’s what i’ve been wearing this week. I’m not a really trendy girl, I like my pretty dresses and over sized jackets and cardigans. I’ve also given my hair straightners a rest this week and gone with the naturalish (help of a braid at night) look. Some days it’s okay, other days it’s frizz city. I’d love to get my hands on one of the Enrapture gizmos to make sure it looked good EVERY DAY.. but you know, that pesky spending ban is still on! Never mind.

Hope you all enjoy your Saturday!
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