#82 We’re Following The Leader, Wherever He May Go.

Yes, it’s another one of those posts, I apologise! As I’m sure you’ve heard there is loads of controversy over Google retiring it’s reader and the possibility that GFC (Google Friend Connect) may ultimately meet it’s demise too. I don’t know how much truth is in this but of course, I’m prepared! As with everyone else i’ve been securing ways for my readers to still be able to keep track of Cocktails in Teacups. And here are a few ways how;
Follow on Bloglovin
As of yet, I’m not impressed with Bloglovin’ but it is the most common and on mobile phones, the easiest in my opinion, way of keeping track of blogs. You don’t need to have your own blog to use it and you can following Cocktails in Teacups by clicking the above button or the button on my sidebar.

She Said Beauty

I only just signed up for She Said Beauty today but I have heard great things about this website and so far I’m impressed! I plan on exploring it a bit more this afternoon when Little Miss is taking her afternoon nap. Not only can you follow your favourite bloggers but you can read reviews of beauty products and even create wishlists & add products to your shelf. Liking the concept a lot!

My page on Hellocotton

Another way to follow is on Hello Cotton. I’ve been signed up to Hello Cotton for a while and I still haven’t worked out what it is, I’m going to investigate more later on today.


And of course, you’re still welcome to follow me on GFC for the time being. I know I will still be mainly using that until July as I still find it the easiest (possibly because to me it’s the most familiar platform) and I’m still ever hopeful that I can continue using it even after the Reader has gone.

Finally, just a reminder about my 150 GFC giveaway (ironic huh?) Don’t forget to enter!

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