#84 If Music Be The Food of Love, Play On – Part 1

It’s been a while since I did a post for the random hell of it. I’ve been so lucky that I’ve had so much to review/share with you lately that I haven’t had the need to to just a random post to fulfill by blogging needs, however last night I felt the need (even though I have a list of future posts as long as my leg!)
As the title of this post suggests, I’m going to write about music. These days I don’t really listen to music, or should I say new music, mainly due to the fact I’m not at a place of work where I only have the radio for company, and I don’t drive or watch music channels anymore. Basically that means the only way I find out about new music is by word of mouth. I have to admit via word of mouth I’ve barely found anything new and to my taste in the past year.. which in a way is really sad. 
This is a two part blog series, this part is about my favourite genres of music & bands within them.. part two will be about my favourite songs and artists along with lyrics that mean something to me.
But anyway, tonight I plan on sharing with you some of my favourite bands and songs from a particular genre and it’s sub genres. No doubt I will be judged for my taste, but you know what? Who cares! This is my blog and today I want to share my taste in music & maybe some of my followers might want to give these bands a listen because I’m clearly THAT cool (and i’m also clearly being sarcastic!)
Evolution of my music taste.. My dad is hugely into his music. We have CDs EVERYWHERE in the lounge and he has boxes under his bed too. He was a BIG festival go-er in his youth and has seen so many bands that his tickets fill albums after albums. He’s into his classic rock though, wish some more modern rock thrown in. He also loves a bit of acoustic. I guess that’s where my music taste came from, certainly not my mother, who loves mainstream pop and manufactured bands with all her heart. I grew up loving Queen, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, The Eagles, The Ramones, Thin Lizzy, The Scorpions, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zepplin, Nivana.. As I grew up my dad introduced me to some popular bands such as Oasis, The Foo Fighters, Green Day & Blink 182. From Blink 182, I began to branch out, watching Kerrang obsessively once my parents had Sky installed when I was about 14/15. This is when I discovered the types of music & bands that I still love today.. pop-rock & pop-punk. I wasn’t ever destined to be a heavy rocker and I didn’t like metal much and although I loved some punk it still was often too much for me. From the age of 16 my heart firmly belonged to Pop Rock/Punk.

L-R Simple Plan, Hidden in Plain View & All American Rejects
The first gig I ever went to… Avril Lavigne supported by All American Rejects. It was in the March just after my 14th birthday in Glasgow. I loved Avril, I still do. She’s a huge part of my teenage years. I wanted to be just like her. I started straightening my hair, wore eyeliner, tried to skateboard.. I knew all the lyrics to her songs. I wore sweatbands, striped arm warmers and beanie hats. I’m not ashamed, I loved Let Go. The gig introduced me to The All American Rejects, a band I’d later go on to see many times as the headliners.  The second gig I ever went to was Good Charlotte, it was amazing and I had a massive crush on Joel Madden at the time, which worked out great because my sister loved Benji.

Myself & my high school bestie at 18

The biggest influence on my music taste as a teen.. My best friend & her older brother had a serious impact on the type of music I listened to at High School. For starters, she bought the tickets to the gigs and had access to all her brothers music & a fast internet connection. Back when EVERYONE downloaded music without the use of itunes. Because of her I knew all the words to songs by Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach & Linkin Park. Although I love their popular songs I never got hugely into much else by any of those bands. Luckily, she also liked my milder preferences. 

The first festival I ever went to.. Leeds Festival 2006 where Muse headlined. I will remember watching Muse on the last night in a thunderstorm for as long as I live, it was the most amazing thing. I’m pretty sure I cried (but I was also 18 and very drunk). I bumped into Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday, someone I had an eternal crush on. It was an awesome line up and I saw so many bands I truly loved. I was so frustrated when bands clashed and I didn’t get to see what I wanted! This is the first year since I’ve desperately wanted to go back to a festival. I hate camping and the mud on the Monday after put me off for the last 7 years!

Back when I didn’t make any effort on my appearance for a night out on the town.

My late teens and alternative clubs.. I’ll admit now that I have never really liked going clubbing. I did it while I was at uni because the drinks were cheap on student nights and I guess that’s the only time I’ve really loved popular and dance music. Where I have always felt most comfortable on a night out (apart from in a cocktail bar) is a grungy sweaty alternative club. It started before I was even legally allowed to drink in a wee club in Sunderland. They didn’t ID so pretty much every Thursday I went with a group of friends from college. We didn’t even try and look older. I used to go in my Topshop skinny jeans & my converse all stars with Urban Decay glitter eyeliner caking my eyes. It was £1.50 for a pint of snake bite & black. I used to down it in one for the fear someone may spike it. That is where the love for these places started. Kissing boys under the table to The Used’s Taste of Ink, going crazy to the Bloodhound Gang’s Foxtrot Unicorn Charlie Kilo, and always requesting Head Automatica’s Beating Hearts Baby. Once turning the big 1-8 we moved onto the Northumbria Uni alternative night on a Tuesday, every Tuesday. Here we saw the rise of Fall Out Boy & Panic! At the Disco. Their lyrics spoke to us as desperate teens trying to find ourselves. By this point my mp3 player (before I ever dreamed of having an ipod) was filled with the likes Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, The Offspring, New Found Glory, Bowling for Soup, Jimmy Eat World, Less Than Jake, Motion City Soundtrack, Simple Plan & Yellowcard. I also found love in Coheed & Cambria and not forgetting the anthem of my college years, I’m Not Okay by My Chemical Romance.

After college I went to University and made new friends, amazingly my new friends liked my taste in music. Even more amazingly the city I went to university in had a small alternative club. Yes it was/is as grotty as the club in my hometown that I avoid like the plague, but it played the music I love. My two closest girls from uni still love the place as much as I do. The drinks are also so cheap it should be illegal. We are STILL able to manipulate the songs played with a simple text so all our old favourites from university are still played. My years at uni introduced me to Placebo, Funeral for a Friend, All Time Low, You Me at Six, Paramore, Kids in Glass Houses, The Academy Is, Hellogoodbye, Alkaline Trio & much more. Being in a club surrounded by people getting me to dance to different things meant I was discovering more and more bands.

The best musical education I ever received.. I had a boyfriend in my first year at uni who introduced me to so many off the radar bands. It wasn’t a good relationship looking back on it, I loved him fiercely but I was also very young and very naive. He was into alternative music that had very little following in the UK. With him I first heard Self Against City, Cartel, Anberlin, Hit the Lights, Valencia.. music I still love to this day. For some reason Taking Back Sunday’s Makedamnsure reminds me of him, I can still see him in the club the night we met on the dance floor when this came on. He also introduced me to The Fray, a band in a slightly different genre. One of the most romantic moments of my life is to do with that song, he sang it to me while playing the guitar one night. It was perfect. Music was an important part of our relationship, looking back now I often wonder if part of it was his need to educated me, this young fresher. Whatever it was, I’ll never forget the bands he got me into.

 Self Against City “Ready & Willing”

And in 2013? I still listen to pretty much all the bands I’ve mentioned in this post. I did lose a lot of music in the big mp3 player crash of ’09 before I learned to BACK IT UP! But I still have many of songs on my iTunes and I have a play list I  listen to when I’m on my way to see the girls for our night out. We have our songs that mean a lot to us, in fact we have our own songs.. Kariss has “Girl All The Bad Guys Want” by Bowling for Soup, Jess has “Chasey Lane” by Blood Hound Gang & I have “Girl at the Rock Show” by Blink 182. Whenever I hear these songs, I smile. They’re my most listened to on iTunes as I stick them on and have a dance, telling Little Miss all about the fun I’ve had in various places dancing to these songs. I wouldn’t know who to say my favourite band was, Taking Back Sunday perhaps.. but I love Fall Out Boy’s first three albums. I think these days I’m more the favourite songs sort rather than favourite bands. I love the days that Kerrang do the best of the 00’s and I can sit and reminisce.

And now to share some songs.. (I’ve put a break in as there is quite a few!)

Brand New “Sic Transit Gloria Glory Fades”
All Time Low “Weightless”
New Found Glory “My Friends Over You”
Paramore “Brick by Boring Brick”
Panic! At The Disco “Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have”
 Less than Jane “All My Best Friends are Metal Heads”
& my personal favourite.. Taking Back Sunday “Cute Without The E”

I could honestly post 100s but I think I’ve already posted more than I should of, hence my first ever blog cut! I know this post has been a little out of the way compared to what I usually post but I really wanted to share my music taste as it’s a big part of me! Look out for Part Two coming next week.. featuring Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls, Something Corporate & Train.
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