#85 A Wednesday Wishlist – Lingerie Edition (& a bit of a haul!)

Firstly, before we get onto the wish wish wishing part of this entry, I thought I’d share with you some of the BEAUTIFUL lingerie I bought last month. The buying of underwear started when I was in Lincoln and I went to Marks and Spencers to get measured as I hadn’t been measured since before I started to loose weight and only a few months after Little Miss was born. I knew I hadn’t been wearing the right bra for a while as the straps were slipping and the cups were gaping but there isn’t anywhere in my hometown that measures… thus having to wait until I went away and without baby.
When I eventually found the fitting room offering the measuring, I was greeted my a lovely woman who asked me to step inside a cubical and take everything off apart from my bra. This is always the thing to remember if you are going to be measured for the first time, they don’t actually get to see anything! Once I was ready she stepped inside and used a soft tape measure to get me measured up then she stepped outside to pick me something up. She came back with a few standard bras, which were pretty but not what I was looking for. I had saved up some money specifically for new underwear because I wanted to invest. Not for anyone else but myself. I don’t plan on loosing much more weight or having another baby for a long time so I wanted some classic pieces that will make feel sexy. I went out and immediately spotted the bra I wanted, one of the Rosie Huntington-Whitely sets. Not because I particularly like her as a model or actress but because it was a beautiful bra. I had originally liked it online in navy but they didn’t even stock that colour in this M&S so I went for the nude colour. I nipped back into the changing room & tried it on. It was a perfect fit. As I was leaving the lovely lady who measured me handed me a £5 off £30 spend coupon because I’d been measured.. it was fate! To make it up to £30 I picked up the matching pants.
If anyone is considering going to be measured, I do recommend Marks and Spencers, what lovely customer service and beautiful underwear! If you haven’t checked out M&S for underwear yet I urge you do. I’m so impressed.
After my purchase from M&S I also bought a pretty but plain black bra from Debenhams which has fast become my fav and a white set from La Senza which cost £7.50 for both the bra & pant. Since that fateful shopping trip I’ve bought another two sets, one from George & one from New Look’s Kelly Brook range.
I apologise, I stupidly took these photos as it was starting to get dark so some are with the flash, some with the bedroom light and some without anything.
La Senza bra £5 & matching pants £1.50
Kelly Brook for New Look bra £12.99 & matching high waist pants £8.99
Jasper Conran for Debenhams bra & M&S high waist pants
George at Asda bra £6 & pants £3.50
Some of those photos really are terrible examples of photography. I would of left it but I really wanted to get this up for my Wednesday Wishlist. There wasn’t much daylight left after I’d cooked the tea and bathed Little Miss. We had a busy day with nursery & practicing her walking.
Anyway, onto the main event. My lingerie wishlist.

L-R Kelly Brook for New Look Longline Bra £14.99 & Highwaist Pants £9.99 // George at Asda Candy Stripe Bra & Pants £6 & £3.50 // Rosie for Autograph at M&S Longline Bra & Highwaist Pants £27.50 & £15 // Topshop Moomin Shorts £4

As you can probably tell, I like high waist knickers.  Partly because of their vintage look and partly because I had a baby last year. I do have stretchmarks. In comparison to some i’ve seen though I got off very lightly but still, that doesn’t stop me wanting to cover them up. I am a single mum after all and if I don’t feel attractive and sexy I know that no one else will (I finally manage to learn that lesson the year before Little Miss was born, because I felt attractive and confident other people did too, it was a great self esteem boost!)

My favourite set is obviously the most expensive. I am in love with Marks and Spencer’s underwear at the moment. As I mentioned earlier, the Rosie underwear is just beautiful. This set especially even has the high waist pants I so badly desire! I think I’ll have to do some selling on eBay to afford them but I will have them. Maybe after i’ve lost the last few pounds to my new weight target I’ll treat myself (I’m aiming for 8st 10lbs). I also love the New Look set, the blue bra I have is so comfy and the pants really flattering that I’d love another set.. and really who can say no to polkadots? I really like George bras, they’re so comfy and pretty, really great value for money. And finally.. the moomin pants! You can’t really see the pattern but if you follow the link YOU WILL LOVE THEM! I already own the Peter Pan pair.. my mum says if I carry on no man in their right mind will ever want me.. thanks mum.. thanks!

If you want more information on finding your right bra size I suggest you visit Maria’s blog Admire & Adapt and read her post about getting the correct size bra. I learnt a lot from reading it and that’s what inspired me to get measured in the first place!

What do you think? Are you going to get bra fitted at M&S? And if you know anywhere that stocks pretty underwear sets with highwaist pants, PLEASE link me up!
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