#87 The Friday Five 21/03/13

I have the most horrible dry cough at the moment, as does my nephew. One of us caught it off the other. It’s been a really quiet week this week due to the fact my mother hasn’t had a car and it’s been so freaking cold that I haven’t wanted to walk any further than Little Miss’ nursery. I hope the weather picks up soon so we can go to the park after she finishes and work up an appetite before lunch. Apart from nursery runs I have done little this week so nothing to report there.
This is a scheduled post because despite being unwell, I made a commitment to attend a Murder Mystery party thrown by my bestie Bee of Journeys are my Diary for her OH’s birthday. It’s also Alice in Wonderland themed and I get to dress up as Alice, I wouldn’t say no to that even if I was dying. 
I like being able to do my Friday Five every other week now, it gives me more time to think of five favourites to share with you! Next week will be my second installment of my Weekly Wardrobe, again I’m relying on the weather improving. 
Anyway, here we go! 
1. Return of MasterChef
I am a long time fan of MasterChef.. just the regular one really although I do quite like the celebrity one. Apart from the fact I’m quite the foodie and do like to get inspiration by watching cookery shoes, what I love the most about this show is the chemistry between John Torode & Gregg Wallace. Luckily it’s a cookery show my mum also enjoys so we get to watch it together. However, I have to admit, I’m absolutely starving after it!
2. Lush

If I didn’t love Lush enough before, I certainly do now! I got well over twenty bathbombs, bubble bars & melts between Mothers Day & my birthday last week. I got loads I’ve never tried before either and I’m excited to give them ago. Not only that but I got a Lush Spa voucher & some non bath related products such as a shampoo bar and the Cupcake Face Mask I reviewed yesterday (follow the link to have a read!)
3. Painting my nails

I’ve never really taken an interest in painting my nails before until recently. Now I’m in love! So far I’ve managed to rack up a nice collection of colours and effects to keep me going for a wee while. I’ve currently got Barry M’s Gelly Varnish in Blueberry with a topcoat of Models Own Indian Ocean on and it looks great! Might actually stop biting my nails now… Both are currently available in Boots and part of their 3 for 2 on beauty (AND it’s mix & match.. it would be rude not to!)

4. Whatsapp

Recently Whatsapp & I have become good friends. For anyone who doesn’t know what it is, it’s a messaging app you can download on pretty much all smart phones and works across all platforms unlike imessage or bbmessenger. It’s free to send messages and even pictures because it uses your data plan rather than your message allowance.. not that that matters since most people have free message allowance but it’s good for sending photos! I’ve been using it a lot with my sister to send her pictures of sloths to cheer her up and the other day I caught up on life with my bestie using it. It was so easy, like using msn! I think it’s 69p on an iPhone and free on a Blackberry but I’m unsure the cost on anything else.
5. Lucky’s Chocolate

For my birthday my best friend sent me a small present for my birthday until she saw me in person. To show how well after our almost 10 years of friendship she knows me, she sent me specially selected chocolates from Lucky’s in London. It’s this fantastic Alice in Wonderland themed chocolate shop, that is firmly on my “to visit” list next time i’m in London. As soon as they arrived I knew she’d picked them out as they were my exact tastes. They were the best chocolates i’ve had in my whole life and after a week I can say only one remains (despite the fact I didn’t think I could bring myself to eat them) that I’m saving for tomorrow. The reason they are so amazing is because they have CAKE inside.. chocolates filled with cake.. I mean come on! I now have a Lucky’s wishlist as long as my arm.. starting with this scrummy delight Tweedle Twins in both the Toffee Groove and Berry Velvet. They look like the most dreamy of desserts!

What have been your favourite things this week?
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