#90 Wish You Were Here – Bettys of York

The other day on my way back up north I had a long stop in York due to the snow. I was booked on a particular train that ended up being over two hours delayed. It was freezing! However, for once I was traveling on my own, Little Miss free, so I decided to head into the city centre armed with my camera. It was really early meaning I also had to find somewhere for breakfast. I didn’t want to go too far away from the station so after walking for less than five minutes I found myself outside Bettys. I’ve always wanted to go in but the company I’ve always been with have always favored elsewhere. Today it was my choice and I chose to take up breakfast at Bettys.

I really fancied something sweet so I went with the Yorkshire Drop Pancakes which were served with season fruit and homemade raspberry sauce topped with creme fraiche. I also opted for some freshly squeezed orange opposed to a hot drink as I knew I’d be grabbing one back at the station. As you can see the food was beautifully presented and I can honestly say it tasted that good too. Writing this post has made me want to eat it all over again. They cost £6.45 and the orange juice was £2.95, which I know it probably quite expensive to some people, but if you’re visiting York and you want to treat yourself, I 100% recommend Bettys. The staff were really nice, despite me being some soaked to the skin, wild looking, youngster.. I know a lot of higher class establishments that probably would of looked down their nose at me but I felt very welcome here. 
I really want to go back again for afternoon tea, the macaroons looked exquisite and they’re one of my favourite treats. I don’t think it’s somewhere I could take Little Miss for a while though, but it would be nice to go back when she can be trusted not to throw food on the floor! Hopefully, I’ll get to go again before then!
Anyway, to end, here are some more photographs of snowy York. It’s actually one of my favourite cities and I’d not hesitate at all to live there. I love all the historical landmarks, I love the little boutiques and shops and it has a lovely collection of places to eat. It’s up there with Edinburgh for sure. 

Hope you’re enjoying our snowy Spring x
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