#94 The Friday Five – 29/03/13

So today is Good Friday.. not that it means much to me as I’m agnostic although I won’t turn my nose up at chocolate (yes, that probably makes me a hypocrite but in my opinion, so is the church) ANYWAY, I don’t want to go into all my religious beliefs on here, judge only to be judged etc etc.. What it does mean to me is that my mum started her school holidays today! Two weeks of company and probably the odd little outing in the car. I would like to say I’m hoping for good weather but in all honesty I gave up hoping for the weather to improve at the back end of last week.. sigh. To give her a bit of relaxation time, I’ve offered to make Sunday lunch. My mum is a wee bit religious (not as much as she was when I was a child) so she does indulge these holidays a lot and she likes to have a proper meal to celebrate on the Sunday. Of course I’m making a mockery of her usual Easter roast but I know my Dad will appreciate it, besides I hate lamb so there was no way I was cooking that.
Not only that, but for once I’m looking forward to the weekend! I’ve had a rough week with both myself & Little Miss still suffering from bad chest colds as well as her with teething (still no front teeth and she’s 14 months, so frustrating!) but my parents are out on Saturday night, meaning it’s acceptable to laze around, watch movies, wear a face mask and order in pizza (despite the fact i’m back to my strict diet.. I have another 6lbs to go to my new target!) Hopefully since it’s my dad’s birthday next week he’ll be in a good mood this weekend.. here is to hoping!
Anyway, it’s been far too cold for outfit posts so we’re having another Friday Five instead of my Weekly Wardrobe post. A lot of this week is really from the fact i’ve barely left the house due to the constantly impending threat of snow and the fact I often cough so much I can barely breathe, not good in freezing conditions I can assure you. So it’s all very indoor-sy. Hope you enjoy having a nosy none the less!

1. Disney Whore Video

Bee of Journeys are my Diary linked me up to this last night and I have listed to it so much in an attempt to learn the words. I’ve also shown my mum, sister & shared it on Facebook so I thought it really ought to have a place in my Friday Five. Essentially this song sums up all my feelings about Disney. Not only that, the actor John Tartaglia, was the original Princeton and Rod in Avenue Q, one of my favourite musicals. And of course he was the star of the short lived totally awesome Playhouse Disney show Johnny & The Sprites (I totally recommend you YouTube it!) sadly it was on before Little Miss’ time but if I can find a DVD of it I will be subjecting her to it.

2. Next Bedding

Finally after almost a month of waiting my birthday present finally arrived! I’d asked my mum for one thing and one thing only.. some new bedding from Next as my cheapy eBay bedding we bought when I moved home was falling apart so I wanted some decent quality stuff. Of course, my hometown store being so tiny and all, it didn’t stock the set I picked out online so my mum had to order it. She ordered it almost two weeks before my birthday and it only just turned up this week. Worth it though, I’m in love!  It’s the Ditsy Lace set and I plan on working my whole bedroom around it when I move out later this year.

3. Hummingbird Bakery Home Sweet Home book

For Easter my mum has bought me the new Hummingbird Bakery book, Home Sweet Home. As you know from my birthday wishlist here, I’ve had my eye on it for ages. It was on offer for £8 in Tesco then my mum had a voucher for an extra £2 off it, hence getting it for Easter. I’m so excited to try some of the recipes out.
4. eBay Bargains
I haven’t hugely fallen off the wagon with my Spending Ban, I didn’t include what I’d do with eBay & blog sale funds so I decided I’d spend them on things on eBay. I’ve had three bargains recently. Firstly, a Disney Couture wrap bracelet which I got for an amazing £4.98 including postage! It’s a Cinderella Kidada one from an early collection which RRPed a hell of a lot if I remember rightly. I also bought a dress I owned pre-pregnancy that I loved and was so gutted to sell. It’s a pale pink lace shift from H&M. I used to own it in an 8 which I’d never fit these days, but I managed to find it in a 10 which fits like a dream. It was £5 with free postage. Finally my “Alice” dress is originally from Urban Outfitters and I got it for £5 + £2.99 postage, I’ll be wearing this again for sure.. not just as Alice!
5. The Night Circus Game
As you know from my review on Sunday, I finished The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern last weekend and I loved it. Ever since then I’ve been addicted to the online game. It’s so clever but at the same time pointless however I keep playing! I’m nearly finished now thankfully so normal life can resume!


What would be your Friday Five this week? 
& have a nice Easter Weekend!
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