#102 A Wednesday Wishlist – Home Edition Part 1

Welcome to my Wednesday Wishlist with a difference. For the next few weeks I will be posting housey related wishlists in preparation for hopefully getting a place for Little Miss & I later on in the year. I have already started collecting bits and pieces for a home as unfortunately after my break up I lost a lot of furniture among other things I’d invested my money in last time. This time of course the house will be girls only and everything will be strictly to my taste.
So today I’m sharing with you the some ideas for the nursery, well Little Miss’ room. She never got to have a nursery as a baby and I feel I missed out that part of motherhood.. so like with the Darling’s children’s room in Peter Pan, her bedroom will be known as the nursery until she can call it otherwise! 
I already have furniture for her room, a wardrobe, bedside table and her cot bed. I also have the Dearest Bambi set that I’m using for the basis for her room theme, that and shabby chic. I think although the Bambi is technically neutral, it looks lovely with the patchwork & polka dots of shabby chic, especially the Made with Love Mamas and Papas interior theme.
Here is some of the bits I’d love to complete her room.
1. Mamas and Papas Blanket eBay £24.99 // 2. Short Pine Bookcase Argos £21.99 // 3. Pine Chest Argos £29.99// 4. Made with Love Letters Mamas & Papas £10 // 5. Chair & Footstool Argos £79.99 // 6. Pink Underbed Storage eBay £3.49 // 7. Floral Basket Tesco £25 // 8. Floral Storage Boxes Tesco £18
The furniture I have for her room already is pine so because of my OCD, that seems to only rear it’s head on house related things, I need to stick with the pine. I’ve chosen a small bookcase for fear that she might climb anything bigger, I’d like to get her a couple of small bookcases as already she has an obscene amount of books! I’d like to give her a quiet corner, complete with the chair for reading. My sister has done the same for my nephew and it looks real cute. The pine chest is for her dressing up clothes, she’s managed to collect a few bits already. Eventually I’d like to have it at the end of her bed when she isn’t in the cot. The basket is to sit on top of the chest with some of her soft toys in. I have actually seen nicer and cheaper versions in our local garden centre so I will probably get them from there instead of Tesco. Continuing on the storage theme, I found these gorgeous under bed storage bags in pink for a mere £3.49 delivered! They’ll be great to store clothes she’s not into yet or has already grown out of. The blanket is for her bed, I love the pattern! She already has a Mamas and Papas Gingerbread blanket which I’ve washed hundreds of times but it still looks good as new, definitely worth the price tag. Finally the fabric covered letters are for her name. I already have three letters so need to invest in the other three.
I’ve also included some photos of the bits I have already for her room. I can’t wait to no longer share with her and be able to make a really pretty girly room with her playhouse up, her reading corner, her rocking horse.. Of course as she gets older she’ll get a say in what theme she has but for the time being, I can give her my dream little girls room… just need to get a house now!
Mouse Doorstop from local Garden Centre
Gift from my sister for Little Miss’ 1st Christmas
Pollyanna Rocking Pony £49 Mamas and Papas
I bought this for her 1st Christmas, she loves it and I love the colours!
I’m away for the next few days. I’m finally getting to spend time with my three besties which I’ve been craving more than ever due to this dreadful year. I have however scheduled posts and I will be around on twitter. Hope you have as good a weekend as I know I’m going to have!
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