#103 What’s On Your Face?

Since this weekend i’m attending a beauty blogger meet I figured I should share my current skincare products, as no doubt after being treated to some expert advice of other bloggers as well as the staff at Kiehls and anywhere else we should visit this will probably be non & void.
Even though I’m known for using make up more on the expensive side I am terrible when it comes to buying for my skin. Not because I want to be cheap, I really don’t. But because I have such temperamental skin. I’m worried I’ll pay a fortune for something that my skin reacts badly too! I don’t have anywhere in my hometown that sells anything high end anyway or anywhere I could go for advice so I tend to go for the mildest of the mild and specially formulated for sensitive skin. I’m definitely known for playing it safe when it comes to my skin!

For anyone interested I have sensitive skin that tends to get dry on my cheeks a few black heads around my nose and break outs on my chin & forehead. My chin tends to be hormonal though and there isn’t much I can do apart from us products that keep it from being too red. I’m lucky that I don’t have massive pores but I do have mila, something i’ve suffered with since I was a new born baby. I just constantly tell myself it makes me face look interesting… We all lie to ourselves about something, right?

Anyway, here are the products I’m currently using.. I’m holding up hope for some wonder products to appear this weekend (a scrub perhaps, or something anti aging), I’ll keep you posted!

Morning Routine. First thing I do in the morning is make sure I give my face a good wash. If I’m taking a morning shower I use Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash (£3.59 @ Superdrug). This is a product I’ve used since I was a teenager. I love the smell and how soft it leaves my skin afterwards. It has never irritated my skin so I have kept on using it, it’s my go to shower product as it has small beads in that give a gentle scrub. I would love to have a great face scrub but all the ones i’ve tried have been far too abrasive for my skin. If I’m not taking a shower, I’ve been using Purity Organic Skincare Facial Wash * (£5.29 @ Holland & Barret) that I was sent to try. So far it’s been great to my skin, leaving it very clean feeling but also soft. I full review is coming soon after i’ve tried it for a bit longer. Finally I finish off with Garnier Moisture Match for Dry to Very Dry Skin (£3.99 @ Boots) this is the best moisturiser i’ve used in a while, love how light it is on my skin and it smells lovely. 
Evening Routine. When it comes to taking my make up before bed, it all depends on how tired or stressed I am. If it has been a hard day, I admit I just grab a Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipe (£2.99 @ Boots) and take it off. If I’m having a more chilled evening, I’ve been using Purity Conditioning Cleansing Lotion * (£5.29 @ Holland & Barret). I apply a layer to my face then remove it with some cotton wool. It is awesome at removing my make up but these kind of things I find a bit messy and time consuming after a long day with Little Miss. I will be reviewing it properly later on this month. Finally, I apply a nice layer of Garnier Soft Essentials Moisturiser (£5.99 @ Boots) another product i’ve used for years and it’s basically a safety net. It does the job, keeps my skin hydrated and red free. 
Skincare Treats. So every time I take a bath (which is every other day) I use one of these. The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser (£10 @ Boots) has made my skin so much softer than before I discovered it. I really enjoy using it and it’s a way of using up the two packets of unused muslin’s I had lying around. If you want to see what else I thought about it, I reviewed it here. I only just this month discovered Lush’s fresh face masks, in particular Cupcake and in hindsight I have no idea how I lived without them! Cupcake (£5.95 @ Lush) is such a treat for my skin and it smells so good! I reviewed it a couple of weeks back here if you haven’t seen it yet!
Spot Control. As I mentioned above, I still occasionally have the odd break out. For a long time I lived in a hole and believed toothpaste at night world work.. nope.. then someone recommended sudocreme.. still nothing. I bought Soap & Glory’s Dr Spot (£8 @ Boots) when it was buy one get one half price along with other S&G skincare and I was buying The Fab Pore. It sounded good on the box and for £4 I thought I’d give it a go. Later that week one of those pain in the arse under the skin spots popped up making my chin feel like it had been in 10 rounds with Mike Tyson so I dabbed some of this on before bed. I woke to find the spot still there but it no longer hurt and even better, it was no longer red making it so much easier to cover up! I’ve been good friends with Dr Spot since! 
There you have it, what I use on my face! There could be a part two of this post after the meet this weekend. Has anyone tried any of these products, or even better anything to recommend for someone with my skin?
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