#104 The Friday Five – 12/04/13

Last week I was so choked with the cold that I just didn’t feel up to blogging. In fact I think I blogged twice last week which is very little for me. I’m so surprised i’ve managed to blog so much this week despite the fact i’ve been very tired, very stressed and very busy! It’s not just me, I think my whole family is feeling it but hopefully it’ll all be over by Sunday & my sister will be settled in her house and that will be that until eventually it’s my turn to move. Fingers crossed that won’t be too far down the line! Thank goodness for my mum being off this week, once again I strongly believe she needs a medal. My nephew has been living with us since Monday full time, he’s 18 months and a complete handful. My mum is 51 bless her and not used to disturbed nights due to teething babies (she’s gotten good at tuning out Little Miss as we’re on the other side of the house).

ANYWAY, lets move on, i’m getting too personal.

This Friday Five is made up of a lot of things that have applied to the past two weeks, not just this week, they’re just so awesome that I’m still loving!

1. Revolution

Anything remotely related to JJ Abrams and I’ll watch it, so when I saw Revolution advertised I convinced my Dad into wanting to watch it (Friday at 9pm when it’s aired is Dad’s TV time). It wasn’t hard since he loves anything that could be compared slightly to Lost. It started on 29th March with a double bill & we were all hooked. I love anything dystopian, post apocalyptician and mysterious with flashbacks so I was suckered straight in. I don’t want to give too much away but if you’re interested in knowing more about what’s happened in the past three episodes there is information on the Sky 1 page. I’m rubbish at convincing people to watch stuff, right?
2. Happy Birthday Dad!
Me, Dad & My Sister – Dad & I at his 50th
Speaking of my dad, it was his 52nd birthday last week so it’s only fair he makes it into my Friday Five. He got loads of presents & I baked him a chocolate swirl cake. We’ve been through a rough few months as a family and my Dad took it really hard, however the last two weekend have been lovely with him. He’s been really making an effort with everyone. He works incredibly hard, and rocks out even harder, even at his age! He is the life & soul of every party and even though we don’t agree on most things, I’m still glad he’s my dad. Hopefully he’s turned a corner with accepting we’ve grown up and we can work hard on getting back to being a functioning family again! He was a fantastic family man growing up and he’s a brilliant grandad to the kids, he has them spoiled rotten but isn’t that what grandparents are for?
3. Grimm Fairytales Book
My only friend up here bought me this absolutely beautiful Grimm’s Fairytale book as a belated birthday present. We’ve both been fairytale mad as long as we’ve been friends which is coming up for 12 years! She couldn’t of picked a better present for me. I love it! I really want some more beautiful books like this, perhaps a gorgeous copy of Alice in Wonderland? Or maybe Peter Pan? I’ll have to go on the hunt! She also just had a little boy last month so it’s nice to have someone up here who’s also doing the baby thing.
4. Sky Disney Movies Channel
One of the best things about living at home is that my parents have the WHOLE Sky package meaning we now get the Sky Disney Movie Channel. Best thing that ever happened to Sky TV. Yeah we had Cinemagic but it always had rubbish Disney Movies on like Hannah Montana etc but the new one in the movies section has the creme de la creme on it! Take Easter Sunday for instance, we watched Brave then The Lion King! Could there BE a better way to spend your Sunday? It’s now a tradition to have this channel on constantly at weekends. My dad doesn’t even argue as he prefers it to Disney Jr, in fact he LOVES the Disney Movie Channel. I really am such a loser.
5. Friendships
Me & Bee – Kariss & Jess
I’m lucky enough to be spending my weekend with my three best friends. Since my break up I’ve realised how important friendships are. Without going into too much detail my ex didn’t want me to have any strong friendships, he spread lies and forbid me to go out and socialise. He wouldn’t watch Little Miss so I couldn’t go out in the evenings. It was a dark time. Since the break up, I’ve worked hard to rebuild friendships with various friend groups such as work, uni friends etc. Thankfully my three besties have stuck by me through it all and I wouldn’t of made it through the various shit, pardon my French, without them. Bee has been like my big sister, my rock for almost ten years now. We have been through absolutely loads together, good and bad. I’ve lived with her twice (both times due to my break ups), we’ve worked together in a restaurant she owned, peed together in a field, been on holiday together. I’ve watched her daughters grow up, been there for first steps, birthdays, seen school plays. I function better as a person these days because I’ve had Bee there for me.. as cliche as it is (and because we’re both HUGE Wicked fans) “because I knew you, I have been changed for good.” Kariss was my very first friend at University. I think we clicked because we both looked like we were feeling the same way on our first lecture. Scared and unsure. Over the last 7 years we’ve grown closer and to this date have never ever fallen out. She is far too nice for her own good and a little bit crazy. I’m lucky to have lived with her. Finally Jess, we also became firm friends in my first year at university. We have had our ups and downs but too much has passed between us to stay mad at each other for too long. Living with her gave me some of the best and craziest times of my life including the best new year ever. She’s the Serena to my Blair. 
What have you been loving this past week (or two)?
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