#108 A Wednesday Wishlist – Home Edition Part 2

Firstly, I want to say thank you to everyone for their kind words on last nights post. I’m glad I got it all off my chest and it was quite cathartic to write about a subject that finds me in tears almost every day. It was like i’d finally exhaled after months of holding my breath! After a lengthy whatsapp conversation, the other three girls & I have decided we’re going to collaborate weekly under different topics, next week we’re doing something a bit more fun, look out for that on Tuesday!
I am exhausted today. I don’t think i’ve recovered from the weekend yet, either that or my body is rebelling against the early morning nursery runs i’ve endured the past two days. My daughter slept through the night while I was away but since I’ve returned and I’m once again in the room with her, we’re back to disturbed nights. She can sleep through the night, she just chooses not to because she knows i’m there. Even though I don’t give her anything 9/10 she still wakes and tries her luck which still means I wake. I’m getting to the point of desperation for my own place, for her own room.
On the note, I bring my second home related Wednesday Wishlist. I was going to do a wishlist for my bedroom but then that would be the two best rooms done, wouldn’t it? Well in my opinion anyway! So instead tonight I bring you, the bathroom! To be honest, I’ve actually really enjoyed doing this. I thought the bathroom would be dull to pick stuff out for but how wrong was I?!

1. Bath Mat Next £10 // 2. Pedestal Mat Next £8 // 3. Spotty Towels Debenhams £7.20 – £20
4. Vintage Heart Soap Dish Dunelm Mill £1.99 // 5. Vintage Heart Bathroom Accessories Dunelm Mill £10.99 // 6. Bathroom Over Door Hooks Next £18
7. Cinderella Typography Print Etsy £9.84 // 8. Gisela Graham Boat Wall Plaque eBay £6.95
So here we are with pink once again! I just can’t help it. As soon as I saw those towels they were the ones I wanted to have in my house that I wasn’t sharing with any penises (I’m hilarious, I know). So pink and cream it is since I can’t find a nice pink bath mat. I’ve picked these particular bath & pedestal mats because I know from my mums bathroom that these ones from Next are hard wearing & that’s exactly what I look for in a bathroom mat. Hooks in a bathroom are a big deal for me! I love the over the door ones as it saves on drilling. The bathroom accessories are so vintage looking (which I’m a big fan of) and a total steal from Dunelm Mill, if there was a one near buy my whole house would be furnished in Dunelm Mill! Finally, the decorations! HOW AMAZING IS THIS TYPOGRAPHY PRINT? I’m definitely getting this for my bathroom wall for Little Miss. Finally the boat plaque is just cute and very bathroom themed. 
What do you think? 
Sorry this is a short one tonight but I want to catch up on my blogs and do some meal planning as I’m back on the diet to loose the last of the baby weight, I went over the top on healthy food today in Tesco.. oops. Have a nice night!
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