#109 MAC Sounds Like Noise & Hang Up Lipstick Reviews

I had planned to write a book review tonight however after a really awful day I just haven’t felt like it so instead I’m posting a scheduled post early. I’m really struggling at the minute, this really rubbish year is catching up on me now, bad luck at every turn. It just seems to be weekly. Big sigh! 
Anyway (without getting too soppy), I just want to say blogging is what keeps me going. All the lovely supportive comments and really nice girls on twitter for daily chats about all sorts of subjects. I’m so glad I started this, it’s something nice to focus on when things get too much. I know everyone has their own reasons for blogging and this wasn’t really even mine to start with but it sure has hell helped. I digress. 
Today I’m sharing my two newest MAC lipsticks, Sounds Like Noise & Hang Up. I know I post a lot of higher end make up but I really like brands I can trust in regards to my skin. I’ve been using MAC since I was sixteen now and I have always loved their lipsticks especially. I gave up wearing make up pretty much full time when I was with my ex last year for various reasons so I sold all my nice stuff. But now I’m finally getting back a nice collection of colours.
Both RRP for £14.00
Starting with Hang Up which is the dark purple/red coloured lipstick. I had this on my meet up shopping list which you can view here. I’ve been after a berry coloured lipstick for a while, and after doing my research online and looking at 101 different MAC lipstick swatches, this is the one I knew I wanted. As soon as I was in the MAC store last week I started a frantic search for it. The place was so busy though you couldn’t see the wood for the trees! I resorted to asking on of the shop assistance for it. I didn’t even get to see it before I paid and if I’m all honest had I seen it I probably would of changed my mind. It’s so dark! However, like with Brave Red.. I’m glad I picked it up because despite it looking dark in a solid for, and even when swatched on paper.. it looks fantastic on my lips. 
MAC describes it as Deep Berry which I’d have to agree with even on my lips. It’s a cremesheen, which I’ve made very clear by now, is one of my favourite finishes. It goes on really nicely despite having dried lips and I’ve found only one coat gives it a perfect covering. My sister has been calling it my Regina lipstick all day as it reminds her of Regina the Evil Queen in Once Upon a Time. I love it because it’s dark without being too dark. What do you think?
Ignore the dopey photo, it’s been a rough day!
Now, moving onto Sounds Like Noise. This lipstick is from the limited edition collection inspired by Hayley Williams. In case you didn’t know, Hayley Williams is the orange haired front woman of Paramore, which are one of my favourite bands and have been since their first album. Because of this reason I HAD TO HAVE IT! Despite having never even seen it swatched, I ordered it the first day it was released (mainly because of the free delivery MAC were offering, but also because I was afraid it would sell out, which it has). I was a little bit worried with it being an orange lipstick, but I figured with my recently dyed hair I could pull it off.. and boy, am I glad I bought it! 
MAC describes it as a Bright True Orange. Which did frighten me a little especially after I swatched it. However, if you do ever hesitate when it comes buying a bright coloured lipstick, don’t. I wore it Wednesday to the supermarket and I had no funny looks! It lasted ages too but I think this could of been to do with the fact it’s a matte lipstick. My first ever MAC lipstick. I think the saying should go “once you go matte, you never go back” because I was so impressed. It didn’t look bad with my chapped lips, it went on well and it lasted. What more could I want?
Not too bright now, is it?
I think I’m definitely going to give the infamous Candy Yum Yum a try, if I can pull off orange, surely I can pull off neon pink?! 
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